Protect Yourself While Vacationing with Travel Insurance for Mexico

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Person in Hospital Bed

When traveling to Mexico, make sure you have the right type of traveler’s health insurance to protect yourself and your family if you get sick or hurt. If you’re planning to travel to Mexico for a vacation or extended stay, it’s important to purchase travel health insurance. Mexico residents receive health coverage via their national… Read more »

It’s Really that Easy!

Posted February 11, 2016 by & filed under, Tips.

Does it really take 10 minutes or less to purchase a Mexico Insurance policy with Mexpro? My answer is YES, and yours will be too, shortly! Recently I bought an online policy for a trip to Rocky Point, Mexico. Even though I’ve worked for Mexpro for eight years and tested the quote form more times… Read more »

What Food Should I Eat in Mexico?

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Going to Mexico? Are you a foodie? Just want to sample local fare? What food will give you the real taste of Mexico? We’re going to give you the answers–learn about the most popular and authentic foods of Mexico so you can get on with sampling the next time you get down there. Mexico is… Read more »