Things You May NOT Encounter on the Road in Mexico

Posted November 26, 2018 by & filed under Driving to Mexico.

Highway 1 Baja Norte

Chaotic cities! Dirt roads! Burros running wild! First-timers anticipating difficult driving conditions in Mexico usually discover that their fears are unfounded, and they’re probably even quite embarrassing in hindsight. No, maintained roads don’t disappear the moment you’re south of the U.S. border. And city streets aren’t completely chaotic… Of course there are quirks, and it’s… Read more »

Can you Drive a US or Canadian Vehicle in Mexico? What You Need to Know

Posted September 10, 2018 by & filed under Auto Insurance, Border Crossing, Driving to Mexico.

Stop alto sign

Whether you’re coming from Toronto, Canada or Phoenix, Arizona, both Canadians and Americans enjoy vacations in beautiful Mexico. Although many fly, more and more travelers are interested in driving across the border. After all, nothing beats a road trip. This leaves many travelers wondering, what is the protocol when crossing the Mexico-United States border? This… Read more »