Mexico Recreational Vehicle Caravans

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Traveling by RV in Mexico Mexico is a land with diverse beauty, many rich flavors, considerable archeological significance and countless incredible vacation opportunities. Choosing to travel by RV is an excellent way to bring along many of the comforts of home, such as having your own kitchen, living room, bath and bed, while enjoying the… Read more »

RV Vacation in Kino Bay, Mexico

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Finding your way to Kino Bay Bahia Kino (Kino Bay) in Sonora, Mexico, is about a 385 km (240 mile) drive from the Nogales-Mariposa Port of Entry, located in southern Arizona. To get to Kino Bay from Nogales, you will start out by heading south on the Carretera Federal / México 15D (Mexican Federal Highway… Read more »

Mexico Tourist Insurance for Motorhomes

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RV Park Mexico

Taking Motorhomes to Mexico Each year, thousands or tourists, vacationers, ex-pats, “snowbirds” and other visitors drive their motorhomes into Mexico.  Securing proper insurance for your motorhome is very important step you’ll need to complete before crossing the Mexican border. Seeking out an “A rated” Mexican insurance carrier is a good thing to do, as they are not… Read more »