Camping in Mexico for Beginners

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Tent on beach

Doesn’t it sound great to go camping under the stars in Mexico? Maybe you just want to save money on lodging or maybe you’ve always dreamed of pitching a tent on a white sandy beach. Whether you’re trying to meet your budget or just an adventurous traveler, camping out in Mexico is a must and… Read more »

San Felipe: The Perfect Vacation

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Mexpro’s Nick Janisko Tells the Story of his First Trip to Mexico Three generations of the Gilmore clan have been traveling to San Felipe for nearly forty years to enjoy the beach camping. When I say beach camping, I mean pulling your vehicle off the main road that heads into town and hotels, and driving… Read more »

Mexico Recreational Vehicle Caravans

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Traveling by RV in Mexico Mexico is a land with diverse beauty, many rich flavors, considerable archeological significance and countless incredible vacation opportunities. Choosing to travel by RV is an excellent way to bring along many of the comforts of home, such as having your own kitchen, living room, bath and bed, while enjoying the… Read more »

Camping on the Beach in Baja California, Mexico

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Choose camping on Baja’s beaches for a vacation that includes sun, sand, whale watching, surfing and fishing. Camping facilities, whether on the western Pacific coast or the eastern Sea of Cortez, vary from undeveloped sites with no amenities to fully equipped campgrounds and RV parks. While the Transpeninsula Highway provides accessibility to most of the… Read more »