Do I Need an FMM For Mexico? Yes!

Driving to Mexico? Many people think you do not need to get an FMM (Forma Migratoria Múltiple, aka a tourist permit) when traveling to Mexico by car for various reasons. Some think you do not need an FMM if you are driving to Baja or Sonora, or if you are staying for less than seven days. This is not true, and many tourists are having to take time out of their Mexican vacation to satisfy immigration requirements.

Do not be confused by the agents waving you through the border. When you enter Mexico by land, in your vehicle, you MUST STOP and get an FMM at the border.

If you purchased your FMM online, you still MUST STOP and get it stamped (validated) by immigration. Bring your receipt or immigration will make you pay again.

You CANNOT get your FMM elsewhere in Mexico. FMMs are only available at ports of entry (see ‘Immigration Locations South of the Border’ below, for the Nogales and Eagle Pass exceptions).

If you will be in Mexico for less than seven days, your FMM is free, BUT YOU STILL MUST GET AN FMM. The same is true if you are driving in Baja or Sonora.

If you continue into the mainland, you also need to get a TIP (Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit) for your vehicle, unless you are traveling in the free zone (Baja and parts of Sonora).


If you have a temporary resident’s card or are a citizen of Mexico, you do not need to stop and get an FMM. You still must stop if you have a resident’s visa stamp on your passport.

Don’t Forget

It may seem like the border agents are waving you on. Those agents are customs (Aduanas), not immigration. YOU STILL MUST STOP at immigration to get your FMM.

Immigration Locations South of the Border

Nogales (Arizona/Sonora) For Nogales, immigration is at KM 21 (kilometer 21) on Mexico Federal highway 15D. Follow signs to Hermosillo Cuota, Mexican Highway 15D to KM 21.

Eagle Pass (Eagle Pass, Texas/Piedras Negras, Coahuila) From the Eagle Pass border crossing, drive south to Allende on Mexican Federal Highway 57. You’ll find immigration at KM 53.4. Expect Allende to be busy.

Immigration at the Border

For other crossings, pull into the “something to declare” area and tell them you need an FMM (necesito FMM). You can ask for immigration just by saying immigration with a question in your voice. The English and Spanish words are close enough.

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