Taking Your Ride Into Mexico

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Cruising the highways south of the border There are so many great places to visit in Mexico   Mexico has lots of great paved roads, along with unlimited amazing scenery. From its rich history; to its awe inspiring deserts; to its breathtaking mountains; to its vibrant jungles; to its beautiful beaches; Mexico has a multitude… Read more »

Mexican Federal Roadways Mandatory Insurance

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Liability Insurance Now Required on Federal Roadways in Mexico Make Sure You Insure Your Vehicle A new law, that recently went into effect, in Mexico, has made third party automobile liability insurance mandatory, on all Mexican federal roadways, for most late model vehicles. Your U.S. auto insurance does not cover you in Mexico, against liability… Read more »

Border Crossing Trusted Traveler Programs

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The FAST Pass and SENTRI Pass Programs FAST Pass for Commercial Carriers FAST stands for “Free And Secure Trade,” and the FAST program is designed for trucks that carry commercial cargo into the U.S., from Mexico or Canada. FAST pass specifically applies to shipments that have been predetermined to be a low risk to security…. Read more »

Mexico Independence Holiday September Fifteenth

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¡El Grito de Dolores! Mexico’s Cry for Independence came from Dolores On September 15th, at the National Palace, in Mexico City, at 11 pm, the President of Mexico, will ring a bell and shout out a Mexican cry of patriotism, “¡Viva Mexico, viva la independencia!” Mexico’s Independence holiday celebrates the Grito de Dolores (“Shout of… Read more »

2014 Monterrey International Film Festival

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2014 Festival Internacional de Cine de Monterrey The Monterrey International Film Festival’s 10th anniversary The 2014 Monterrey International Film Festival is set to take place, beginning August 26 and will continue through August 31. This year will mark the tenth occasion of the Monterrey International Film Festival. Although it’ll be the 10th anniversary, the event… Read more »