How to Clear U.S. Customs When Exiting Mexico

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U.S. Inspection Station Ahead sign

If you’re driving back from Mexico and entering the US, you will have to clear U.S. Customs. Depending on what you’re carrying, and whether or not customs agents check your vehicle, this process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Knowing the requirements beforehand can make your experience much smoother. Follow… Read more »

Taking Your Ride Into Mexico

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Cruising the highways south of the border There are so many great places to visit in Mexico   Mexico has lots of great paved roads, along with unlimited amazing scenery. From its rich history; to its awe inspiring deserts; to its breathtaking mountains; to its vibrant jungles; to its beautiful beaches; Mexico has a multitude… Read more »

Mexican Federal Roadways Mandatory Insurance

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Liability Insurance Now Required on Federal Roadways in Mexico Make Sure You Insure Your Vehicle A new law, that recently went into effect, in Mexico, has made third party automobile liability insurance mandatory, on all Mexican federal roadways, for most late model vehicles. Your U.S. auto insurance does not cover you in Mexico, against liability… Read more »