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El Golfo de Santa Clara, called “El Golfo”, is a small, peaceful fishing village located just 60 miles south of Yuma, Arizona. Expansive white beaches on the lovely Sea of Cortez host pelicans and many other shore birds. The area is also known for its miles of sand dunes.

One can camp anywhere along the beach. RV parks and hotels can be found along the beach, as well.

Some of the activities one can enjoy while in El Golfo include:

  • Visiting shrimp farms.
  • Exploring abandoned salt mines.
  • Fishing in the protected Biosphere.
  • Bird watching in the protected Biosphere.
  • Scuba diving or snorkeling on massive reefs.
  • Touring the extensive sand dunes.
  • Guided fishing trips.
  • Renting ATV’s.
  • Lounging in the sun and surf.

The few restaurants in the small town of El Golfo serve delicious seafood (El Delfin recommended), great tacos and ice cream. It is easy to buy fresh produce, fish and meat. Be sure to clean produce well with purified water.

The beach stretches on for 30 miles or more south, one can drive or walk, watching the fishing boats (pongas). Beaches are virtually deserted–the perfect place for a Mexican holiday. Be sure to drive on the beach rather than the hard pack, which is deceptively difficult to maneuver.

Check the tide charts before you set up camp. The tides are crazy, fluctuating 20 feet or more. A camping spot could quickly be under water if one does not pay attention to the tides.

A 28-mile beach excursion from El Golfo to the “2nd light house” is a nice day-trip. There are miles of trails with amazing views of the sea, mountains and desert around El Golfo.

One of the El Golfo websites describes the area as follows: “If you like sand and sea, you will love El Golfo! El Golfo is one of the best-kept secrets in the Western Hemisphere.

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