El Aguila Mexico Insurance

El Aguila Compañía de Seguros (El Aguila) is a rising star in the insurance world in Mexico. El Aguila primarily focuses on auto insurance products. Its history starts in 1994, but El Aguila enjoys great history and financial stability as a part of Great American Insurance Company. Both of these companies are members of the American Financial Group a large A+ rated multinational insurance company.

El Aguila has been listed as a "Super Empresa" (a super business) by CNN Expansión due to their leadership, culture, job satisfaction amongst employees, social responsibility as well as other factors. It has also been named a Great Place to Work in Mexico. We at Mexpro, believe these are important factors. If the company has a good culture, happy employees, and the financial ability to pay claims, then the chances of a good claims experience are much, much higher, which, while we hope you never have a claim, its what we strive for if you do.

We at Mexpro have been impressed with the waves that El Aguila has created in the Mexico Insurance market. They use an online distribution method, they have pioneered coverage that Mexico has never seen, and are at the cutting edge of the industry in all aspects.

Mexpro, and its parent company International Insurance Group, Inc., are the exclusive distributors of El Aguila Products in the US. We are pleased to have the relationship with El Aguila and have worked with them to create new and unique programs.

EL Aguila offers several coverage packages to ensure that Mexpro clients can get the best coverage at the best price. These include a "liability only," "standard policy," and an "Extended Policy". For more information about El Aguila Compañía de Seguros, please visit www.elaguila.com.mx or get a Mexico auto insurance quote with El Aguila now.