Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? Mexpro has your answers. Mexico insurance is complicated due to the fact that it is not the same as US or Canadian insurance.

We have separated our FAQs by subject to try and make it easier for you to find answers. You can search our site by clicking the search icon in the upper right of the page or contact us. Thank you for choosing Mexpro.

Boat Insurance »

Do I legally have to purchase boat insurance in Mexico? What types of watercraft do you insure? These answers and more can be found on our Boat insurance FAQ.

Boat FAQs

Buying Mexican Insurance »

Does my US/Canadian Policy cover me in Mexico? No. Find out why and the answers to other common questions about getting insurance for Mexico.

Buying FAQs

Coverage Questions »

What does Mexico insurance cover? What are my deductibles and how do they work in Mexico? What's the difference between US/Canadian and Mexico policies? There are numerous questions on coverage in Mexico, so check out the answers...

Coverage FAQs

Driving in Mexico »

We don't know all there is to know about driving in Mexico, but we have a lot of information. Refer to the Driving in Mexico FAQs for planning a trip to Mexico by car.

Driving FAQs

Home Insurance »

What is covered on a Mexico homeowners policy? What if I have a condo? Do you have hurricane coverage? Find out more about Mexico homeowners insurance.

Home Insurance FAQs

Quote Application Questions »

Do you have questions about completing Mexpro's quote application, the security of your purchase, how to renew a policy or get your password? We got you covered.

Quote FAQs

Vehicle Importation Questions »

Do you need a Temporay Import Permit (TIP) for your vehicle if you drive it to Mexico? Maybe. Find out if you need a TIP, Sonora only or RV TIP, as well as where and how to get them, cancel them and more.


Please contact us with questions that are not answered on our FAQ pages and we will respond as soon as possible.