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Mexpro Mexico Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Mexpro's Auto Insurance policies are offered with several different levels of coverage. Choose between our 'Good' (liability only), 'Better' (standard full coverage), or our 'Best' premium full coverage policies. All our policies are provided by A.M. Best A-rated insurers, with a solid history of positive claims settlements, as well as being financially secure and well established in the industry.

'Good' Liability Only Coverage

Mexpro's basic liability insurance policy offers the minimum mandatory coverage for Mexico and is the least expensive option available. It is most commonly purchased for older vehicles or those that have values less than $3,000 USD. Basic liability coverage includes the following:

  • Third Party Liability

    • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage to Persons Injured Outside the Insured Vehicle
    • Property Damage Liability Coverage to Property Outside the Insured Vehicle
  • Medical Payments

    • Covers the Driver and Occupants of the Insured Vehicle
  • Legal Assistance

    • Bail Bonds
    • Legal Aid
    • Impound Expenses
  • Limited Towing / Roadside Assistance

    • Towing in the Event of a Covered Loss
    • Roadside Labor

'Better' Standard Full Coverage

The standard coverage policy offers the coverage included in our liability only package, as well as physical damage coverage for your vehicle, including:

  • $300,000 Minimum Limit for Third Party Liability

  • $300,000 Minimum Limit for Physical Damage to Insured's Vehicle

    • Towing provided to nearest approved repair facility.
  • Medical Payments Coverage

  • Legal Assistance

  • Glass Breakage

  • Total Theft

    • Coverage for the Theft of your Entire Vehicle
    • Includes Fire & Natural Disaster Coverage
  • Travel / Roadside Assistance

  • Liability Coverage for Towed Units

  • Physical Damage on Registered Off-Road Vehicles

    • Off-Road Vehicles that are Licensed in the U.S. are Covered For Physical Damage
    • Coverage Excludes Off-Road Driving.

'Best' Premium Full Coverage Policy

Our Premium Full Coverage Policy is the most complete coverage package we offer and our most popular! Purchasing a full coverage policy gives you the following benefits:

  • $500,000 Minimum Limit for Third Party Liability

  • $500,000 Minimum Limit for Physical Damage to Insured's Vehicle

  • Medical Payments coverage

  • Total Theft

  • Partial Theft & Vandalism

    • Covers Items Permanently Attached to the Insured Vehicle.
  • U.S. Labor Rates / Increased Cost of Repair

    • You Can Choose to Get Your Vehicle Repaired in the U.S.
    • Does Not Cover Towing to the U.S.
    • Labor Rates Vary Depending On the Insurer.
  • Uninsured Motorist Deductible Waiver

  • GAP Coverage

    • Pays Up to 15% Over the Actual Cash Value of the vehicle
  • Liability Coverage for Towed Units

  • Physical Damage on Registered Off-Road Vehicles while Driving on Established Roads

  • Low Deductibles

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MexVisit® Travel Assistance

Mexpro's Exclusive MexVisit® travel assistance package is included on all of our policies, and includes the following and more:

  • Medical Transfers / Evacuation

    • Emergency Land or Air Evacuation to closest qualified Medical Facility
    • MexVisit® Travel Medical Air Evacuation Services is included on all policies under 6-months in duration.
      • Emergency Air Medical Evacuation to Your Hospital of Choice in the U.S. or Canada
      • No out-of-pocket Costs
      • Vehicle Return
  • Return Tickets Home

    • In the event of an accident or mechanical breakdown, arranges and pays for the transportation of the named insured and up to four travel companions, in coach class (air or land) to their place of permanent residence.
  • Roadside Assistance

    • Emergency Fuel Supply
    • Flat Tire Service
    • Jumpstart Service
    • Locksmith Service
    • Towing in event of Mechanical Breakdown will be arranged and provided to the nearest repair or service location (up to $1000 and/or two events).

Travel Insurance

For a minimal cost, travel insurance can be added to any of our policies and includes:

  • Emergency Medical Air Evacuation Insurance

    • Evacuation to your hospital of choice in the U.S.
    • $500,000 in Coverage
    • No Out of Pocket Costs
    • No Pre-existing Conditions Exclusions
    • No Infectious Disease Exclusions (including Covid-19)
    • Real insurance, not an unregulated membership plan.
  • Emergency Travel Medical/Dental/Evacuation Insurance

    • $100,000 in Emergency Accident and Sickness Expense Coverage, $250 deductible
    • Includes Emergency Dental
    • Emergency Evacuation Insurance with a $500,000 limit
    • No Infectious Disease Exclusions (including Covid-19)
    • Trip Delay Coverage
  • Trip Protection Insurance

    • Trip Cancel
    • Trip Interruption
    • Trip Delay
    • Emergency Accident & Sickness
    • Emergency Evacuation
    • No Pre-existing Conditions Exclusions
    • Travel Assistance Services