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Liability Coverage

Our GNP Mexico homeowners insurance policy offers up to $2 million USD for bodily injury and property damage liability coverage.

Civil Liability Coverage

Liability insurance coverage is one of the most important protections you can purchase for your home in Mexico. Our GNP civil liability coverage applies to both bodily injury and property damage liability.

Civil liability refers to bodily injury or property damage incurred by other people on your property, for which you are legally liable under Mexico law. With this coverage you are protected against claims or lawsuits due to accidental injury or death to others, or damage to their property, while on your property.

Bodily Injury

Bodily injury coverage protects you in the event someone gets injured while visiting your home and property. This means if a rental tenant or houseguest slips and falls becoming injured at you home, you’re covered.

Property Damage

Property damage liability coverage offers protection in case your insured property causes damage to someone else’s property. As an example, say a pipe bursts in your condo unit causing water damage to several other condos on the floors below. You would be covered under property damage liability.

Maximum/Minimum Limits

The minimum limit of coverage for civil liability is $100,000 USD. The maximum limit is $2 million USD. The limit chosen will, in part, determine the cost of your home owner’s policy.

Even though we offer coverage limits as low as $100,000 USD, we recommend our customers select no less than $300,000 USD based on current Mexico liability laws. And while $300,000 USD is typically considered to be a sufficient amount of coverage for most home, condo, and townhomes in Mexico, our customers who rent their properties to others often select higher, $500,000 to $2 million USD, limits for liability coverage.

No Deductible or Coinsurance

Civil liability coverage is not subject to any deductible or coinsurance.