Frequently Asked Mexican Insurance Coverage Questions

Q: Can you cover a car I rent in Mexico?

A: NO! We are unable to provide Mexico car insurance for any vehicle that has Mexican license plates including rental cars that are rented in Mexico. The truth is that unlike the US where rental car coverage can come from several places (e.g. an auto policy, a credit card that provides the coverage, or supplemental coverage from the rental car company itself), options that cover rental cars in Mexico are limited. Most US auto insurance policies provide no or limited coverage in Mexico. Most rental car insurance coverage offered by credit cards do not extend coverage for vehicles rented in Mexico, which leaves only one option; supplemental car insurance coverage provided by the rental car agency.

While some of our competitors in the US claim to have a Mexico Car insurance policy that covers rental cars in Mexico, the truth is that it is a liability only policy, and that the rental car agency will require that you purchase a supplemental policy from them anyway as a part of their agreement. These supplemental policies are expensive, but unfortunately for foreigners there has yet to be a way around this.

One last thought on rental cars in Mexico and Mexico insurance. Be sure that the coverage they provide covers you and the car. Physical damage for the car covers the rental agency's interests, and it is likely this is what they will require you have. In a sense, this coverage also protects you in terms of ensuring you don't end up owing the rental car company for the vehicle you rented. However, you will also want to make sure the coverage offered by the rental car agency covers liability or "Responsabilidad Civil" and legal assistance. This coverage protects you for the damage you cause to others, and helps you in the event that you have to deal with the authorities. With the new liability insurance laws that have been put into place in Mexico, it is important that you have sufficient coverage to cover the high judgments that can now be assessed under this law implemented in 2013.

Q: Is Mexican Car Insurance Coverage the same as US Insurance Coverage?

A: NO! Despite some claims by some of our competitors it cannot be the same. Insurance is based on liability law. Unless the US and Mexico have the same laws, Mexico car insurance cannot by definition be the same as US car insurance. There are several key insurance coverage options available in the US that are not available in Mexico because of the differences in US and Mexican Law.

For example, in the US we have uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, Mexico has no legal provisions for this type of coverage. If someone hits you that does not have coverage in the US, your policy can actually step in and function as if they did--but rather than their company paying you, it's your company paying you. Uninsured and Underinsured motorist coverage in the US covers what are known as "compensatory damages" which include things such as medical bills, lost wages, other out-of-pocket expenses related to the accident, and pain and suffering. In a Mexican car insurance policy the only items for which you would be covered are medical expenses, up to the policy limit.

Another example is passenger liability. In the US, passenger liability exists for commercial and personal auto policies. In Mexico passenger liability exists for commercial policies, but not for a personal auto policy (a Mexican tourist car insurance policy would be included in this category).

What is passenger liability? If you were a passenger in a vehicle and were injured because of the negligence of the driver, you could sue the driver to cover the losses sustained because of the driver's negligence. Again, a standard Mexican car insurance policy provides no coverage for this, and the only coverage available would be medical payments for the occupant of the vehicle. Mexican law does not allow a passenger to sue the driver for passenger liability on a personal auto policy. The positive is that the medical payments are no-fault coverage. You don't have to sue to get the coverage, but you are limited to the coverage and limits available on the policy.

Bottom-line? US and Mexican car policies are not created equal because they were created to address the tort law that exists in each country, and the US being a very litigious (sue-happy) society has much broader liability coverage packages. For more information on the differences in coverage, please read our What's Different page.

* Motorcycle Policies do not include medical payments for any driver or passengers.

Q: Can I get coverage for liability AND physical damage on my Mexico Car insurance policy if I only have liability coverage in the US or Canada?

A: NO! Unfortunately we are only able to provide the same level of coverage that you carry in the US. If you have coverage for collision and theft on your US auto policy, then we can provide the same coverage on your Mexico auto policy. Conversely, if you have liability only coverage on your US car insurance policy, then we are only able to provide liability only coverage on your Mexico car insurance policy. This is a requirement that the Mexican car insurers have placed on these types of policies to avoid fraudulent claims.

There is ONE exception to this rule. That is, if the vehicle will be in Mexico for more than 180 days. If the vehicle will be in Mexico for more than 180 days, then no US coverage is required.

Q: Can I purchase insurance coverage if plan to drive my car beyond Mexico into Central or South America?

A: No. Unfortunately we are unable to provide coverage beyond the republic of Mexico under our policy. There are some providers of this coverage that can be found on the internet, but coverage varies country by country and the policy may not meet your needs.

Q: I bought coverage for vandalism on my Mexico Car Insurance policy, but in reading the terms and conditions it specifically excludes vandalism. What's the deal?

A: It is correct that the terms and conditions of Mexico auto insurance policies will exclude vandalism. Coverage afforded by the extended endorsements which include vandalism, partial theft, increase labor rates, waiver of deductible and other important coverage will not be stated in the terms and conditions of the policy because they are endorsements. An endorsement is a change to a policy. In the case of Mexico Auto Insurance policies these endorsements accompany the declarations page, and make up part of the entire contract. For example, the GNP terms and conditions state the following:


Pretty straight forward; however, when we look at the GNP Extended Endorsement we see that it changes the standard terms and conditions to state the following:

Vandalism - Vandalism, willful and malicious damage to or destruction of the insured vehicle, is covered by this broadening endorsement. The deductible for vandalism is the same as the deductible amount for total theft, as noted in item 2 above.

So while it is correct that the terms and conditions exclude the coverage, coverage for vandalism can be purchased and added to a Mexico auto insurance policy by a change to the policy also known as an endorsement.

Q: The dates on my Mexican Car Insurance policy are wrong! What's the deal?

A: There are two common reasons that we receive this question regarding Dates on a Mexican Car Insurance Policy. The first has to do with the format of the dates. In the US it is common that we input dates using a Month/Day/Year Format. However, in Mexico, and much of the rest of the world this is not the case. Rather they use a Day/Month/Year format. Because the most important people that could be reading your policy are Mexican claims adjustors who will be determining whether or not you have coverage, we chose to use the method used in Mexico. So if you purchased a policy that begins on the first of June you should expect that the policy will read as follows 1/6/20XX.

This brings us to our second reason the dates may be different than what you expect. All of our policies begin at 12:01 AM on the effective date of the policy, unless the policy was purchased on the same day that you plan to enter Mexico, in which case it starts at time of issuance (your policy can't start before you buy it). Your policy ends at 12:01 AM on the date following the expiration date. You have one minute of coverage on the next day of the policy to ensure you have a full day of coverage. So if you need coverage from June 1st to June 6th, your policy actually ends at 12:01 AM on June 7th. So the dates on the policy would be as follows 1/6/20XX - 1/7/20XX for a policy that begins on the first, and is valid all day on the sixth.

Q: How do I know the Mexico insurance I am buying is from reputable companies?

A: All of the online Mexico Insurance carriers we represent have vast experience in this business. In fact, our underwriters paid out over $20 million (US Dollars) in combined insurance claims last year to US and Canadian tourists who had accidents in Mexico. To review information on the specific underwriters, please click on the links to the underwriters websites located throughout our quote, buy and issue process. Here you'll find the 2017 Mexico Tourist Auto Insurer Rankings.

Q: What is MexVisit extended coverage?

A: MexVisit is our exclusive branded Travel Assistance product. When you purchase Mexican insurance online coverage from us, you have the option to include MexVisit on the policy...other distributors may sell for the same underwriters, but NONE, match our level of coverage or service. To learn more about MexVisit, or any other online coverage, please click on the "Explain" button on our Quote Results page for more information.

Q: I bought travel assistance coverage, but when I look at my policy it says I don't have any coverage. Why?

A: If you have purchased MexVisit Travel Assistance coverage to accompany your Mexico Car Insurance policy, congratulations you have made a great choice. MexVisit Travel Assistance is by far the best travel assistance package available in the Mexico car insurance market, however it is not provided by the insurance company, but rather by a third party provider called Grupo Integra, a specialist in Mexico Travel Assistance (last year they towed nearly half a million cars in the Mexico City area alone). Because of this, the policy that is issued by the company will state that their coverage is not provided. However, you can verify travel assistance coverage by looking at the receipt of payment, which will include payment to MexVisit for the coverage. Also, the last two pages will include a travel assistance declarations page and instructions regarding what to do in case of a claim. Finally, you will receive a copy of the MexVisit terms and conditions in your email.

Q: What is the Fixed Deductible option available on my Mexico Insurance policy?

A: One of the biggest complaints we have had over the years arises from the Mexico Auto Insurance Industry's use of percentage deductibles. Typically, our clients have had to absorb deductibles of two-percent of the vehicle value for collision claims and five-percent of the vehicle value for theft claims.

Many US and Canadian lenders/leinholders/leasing companies now require that deductibles be fixed at $500 for collision and $500 or $1000 for theft, depending on which insurer you choose. GMAC, for example, requires you purchase our fixed deductible option combined with at least $100,000 in auto liability insurance coverage for Mexico. By choosing the fixed deductible option on our Mexico Insurance Quote Request Page, you can be assured you will not be surprised by unexpectedly large deductibles in the event of a loss.

Q: What are the El Aguila Extended, GNP Deluxe, ABA Plus Packages?

A: Four of our Mexico Insurance online underwriters, El Aguila, GNP and ABA offer coverage package endorsements not available anywhere else in the Tourist Auto market. These packages offer extended coverage, for an additional price, that are not available from anyone else in the market. To learn more about these Mexican insurance packages, please click on the "Explain" button on our quote results page or see Mexpro's coverage comparisons.

Q: Why is the Mexican Auto Insurance coverage I requested not available from certain underwriters?

A: Different underwriters have various rules and "appetites" for certain risks. To learn why coverage is not available from certain underwriters, please click on the "not available" button corresponding to the underwriters quote on our Mexico Insurance QUOTE RESULTS PAGE.

Q: What happens if we have an accident in Mexico? What do we do? How do we follow up with our Mexico insurance company?

A: If you have an accident in Mexico, immediately call the 01-800 number included in the insurance claims instructions page, which is part of your policy. Our adjusters will respond immediately to the scene and provide further instructions based on your specific situation.