About Mexpro

In the late 1990’s, owners, Jim and Andrea Labelle, envisioned an insurance company that would offer top quality Mexico auto insurance online, a product unavailable at that time. Now for nearly 20 years, Mexpro has been doing just that.

We started in our basement back in 1999!

- Jim Labelle, Mexpro Mexico Insurance Professionals CEO.

Before Mexpro’s inception, Mexico insurance had mostly been purchased at the US border, from insurers who may or may not have been financially stable. With a long history in the insurance industry, Jim Labelle felt it important to offer insurance from quality, A-rated insurers.

Many Mexican insurers were not and are not rated by A.M. Best, a company that grades various businesses on financial stability and customer service. This means the ability to pay claims.

In addition, there was little guarantee that agents who sold insurance near the border would even turn in a policy to the insurer, unless there was a claim. If you had an accident and you called your insurer you may, or may not have a policy issued.

Customer service and claims for Mexican insurance was (and is) generally served by Spanish speakers. The Labelle’s idea was to offer services in English to Americans and Canadians.

With these top priorities in mind Jim and Andrea Labelle began working with top Mexico insurers to develop programs to meet these conditions. Long hours were spent traveling and creating this specialty insurance, as well as in developing English speaking claims and service departments for Americans and Canadians who drive to Mexico. And from there came Mexpro.

Since 1999 Mexpro has become the leading provider of Mexico Car Insurance because we provide a very high standard of care to our customers. Today we offer more than just auto insurance in Mexico. Other Mexico products include motorcycle insurance, RV and travel trailer insurance, home and condo insurance, watercraft insurance and travel health insurance. We are continually striving to improve the services we provide.

We invite you to meet our team of Mexico insurance professionals, a true brick and mortar operation of over 20 employees, many who are bilingual.

Our highly trained, professional, nationally licensed agents will help you every step of the way during your Mexico insurance purchase by phone.

Mexpro’s first-class programming team creates and continually improves the systems you use today to buy your Mexico insurance policy online, making it fast, easy and safe to buy from A-rated ONLY insurers.

A customer service team that is unrivaled in the industry is what you can expect when you have questions, changes or issues with your policy. At the end of the day it is not our Mexico insurance online website that provides the service you will need in the event of a coverage dispute or in understanding your coverage...it is our people who will provide this service.

All this to make sure you get the best service, coverage and price.

At Mexpro we want your trip to be worry free, so we try to take on as much of the hard stuff as we can.

Our History

AwesomeSince 1999, via an extensive distribution network, Mexpro has provided quality Mexico Car Insurance to over 100,000 visitors to Mexico each year.

Our Partner Companies

AM Best LogoMexpro carefully chooses our insurance partners so we can provide the most competitive choices in coverage, pricing, underwriting, and most importantly, financial stability.

Multiple Insurance Companies

Best ChoicesBy offering coverage from several insurance companies, our customers are assured Mexpro will always be able to offer the best Mexico car insurance to meet your needs.

Competitive Pricing

Pig BankMexpro only works with Mexico's top, most professional insurance companies. This makes our prices competitive and our coverage the best available in Mexico. We assure you your claim will be professionally handled.

Licensing and Regulatory Issues

USA MapWe are licensed in every state. When customers purchase Mexico insurance coverage from us, they have the peace of mind and added protection of obtaining insurance from an operation that is licensed in their home state. If you are considering working with another provider, we strongly encourage you to check their licensing status in your home state.


USA MapOur firm has a wealth of experience in the insurance industry. Members of our staff carry numerous professional designations including CIC, CISR, and some are former employees of the world's largest companies and brokerages. We pride ourselves in providing professional and personal service.

Custom Technology

TechnologyOur technological innovations are created and managed in-house via staff programmers and web designers, making sure we remain on the cutting edge of technology, in order to maintain our position as the market leader in Mexico car insurance coverage.

Purchase Protection

LockOur systems are secure. We never keep your credit card information, so you know you don't have to worry about buying online or with an agent.

Our Specialties

Insurance TypesWe specialize in more than car insurance for Mexico. Our other products include Mexico home and condo, jet ski and watercraft liability , and travel health insurance.

We Are Committed

Guaranteed QualityOur staff of more than 20 insurance experts, 50% of whom have been employed with us for 10 years or more, and bilingual agents, ensures that we provide the highest level of service to our customers today and always.

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