Testimonials from Satisfied Mexpro Customers

"I have always had a great experience with your company and the one time I did need to speak with someone they were very helpful. Having your ins makes me feel safer when we travel to MX knowing that you will cover my vehicle if anything should go wrong. thank you". Danielle Cadwallader - San Jose, California 8-3-2016

"Jimmy was very helpful & professional when I called." Garnett Arruda - Flagstaff, Arizona 8-3-2016

"Nicely designed site. Clear and concise. Ease of renewal for additional trips is appreciated." Bill Bryan - Avondale, Arizona 10-27-2011

"It is a great web site, step by step and easy to navigate - great job." Werner Pluss - Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada 10-27-2011

"Easy and to the point as usual. Great!" James Acri - Aurora, Colorado 10-21-2011

"ABSOLUTELY LOVE the ease of getting my trip insurance on your site. I am a regular customer and thanks for the convenience." Chet Chetkauskas - Surprise, Arizona 10-15-2011

"Impressive and good. THANK YOU.....GIVE THIS ACCOLADE TO THE PROGRAMMER, PLEASE." Nancy Rennie - Phoenix, Arizona 10-14-2011

"Thanks for being so easy to use and print out insurance coverage. Thanks," David - Phoenix, Arizona 10-12-2011

"GREAT SERVICE, FAST AND AT A GOOD PRICE. THANK YOU!" Mircea Buzila - Youngtown, Arizona 10-10-2011

"What a terrific service. The instructions were very user friendly. Website was easy to follow. Thank you so much." Cecilia - Tempe, Arizona 10-05-2011

"I have found the website extremely user friendly and customer service has always been helpful and friendly." Sid Norton - Oxnard, California 10-03-2011

"Very well laid-out, intuitive, easy to follow." Frankie Weber - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (summer), Bucerias, Nayarit (winter) 10-03-2011

"Thank you for the very organized, user friendly website. Made it extremely easy to compare and purchase auto insurance for our trip to Mexico. Thanks!" Shepard Golos - Tempe, Arizona 10-01-2011

"Website is straightforward and easy to use with plain language instructions and information." Joe Ledbetter - San Pablo, California 09-27-2011

"Clear and easy to use -- good job." Piero Tozzi - Scottsdale, Arizona 09-22-2011

"An excellent way to purchase Mexican Auto Insurance. I am very happy with the service I receive from MexPro." Wynn Woodard - Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico 09-07-2011

"Very easy to use and very helpful. Thank you." Tracy Veigel 08-31-2011

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank-you. We purchased insurance from you for a recent Mexico trip, and included the Mex-Visit travel assist. When our car broke down on Highway 57 south, about 50km north of San Luis Potosi, I called the 800 number and was assisted by a very helpful English speaking representative named Eduardo Martinez. Eduardo called a tow truck for us, re-assured us that we were being helped, and gave me his return extension so that we could contact him if we needed to. The tow-truck came in about an hour, and the driver took us to a great mechanic who fixed the problem immediately, at a very reasonable price. Less than four hours after breaking down, we were back on the road and continued safely to our destination. I don't know what we would have done without your assistance. Thank-you, and please forward my thanks to Eduardo. He took care of everything in a calm, professional manner and was very reassuring at a time when I was nervous about being stranded. Thanks," Betsy 08-25-2011

"The first time I see a website in the US easy to understand and to fill in. Even for a Swiss. Thank you." Andre Hedinger - Switzerland 08-23-2011


"The website was very user friendly and easy to use. It is much easier to purchase the policy online, rather than stopping to purchase near the border. Thank you." Robert Meadors - Phoenix, Arizona 07-28-2011

"Very convenient." Robert McMurray - Port Townsend, Washington 07-20-2011

"Support was easy to excess and very helpful. Online application was painless as well." Les Bezeredi - North Delta, British Columbia, Canada 07-14-2011

"The site was very simple to navigate - I like that you have links to Kelly Blue Book and information at every step, thank you!" Ronda Holtom - Prescott, Arizona 07-13-2011

"Very easy to obtain. My first time." David Shanks - Sunnyvale, California 07-11-2011

"Very impressed with the speed of your website. All makes / models of vehicles loaded super quick and buying policy was super fast." John K - Phoenix, Arizona 07-08-2011

"We always use this site and love it. Thanks for making it so easy." Tony & Char Cooper - Tucson, Arizona 07-06-2011

"Getting auto insurance through your website was fast and user friendly. Thank you!" Desiree Kroes - Scottsdale, Arizona 06-29-2011 ("We had a wonderful time on our visit to Puerto Penasco and can't wait to come back again soon!" 08-16-2011)

"Quick, easy and efficient. Thank you!" Carol Ann Bassett 06-27-2011 ("Am still enjoying the beach down in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, until the end of the month." 08-09-2011)


"Excellent program, quick service, knowledgeable staff, quality product." Marsha Cantrell - Tallahassee, Florida 06-24-2011

"Easy navigation. Great customer service." Esteban Sanchez - McAllen, Texas 06-24-2011

"Your website is easy to use." Judy Lacy - Nogales, Arizona 06-21-2011

"I appreciate how easy this was! Thank you, our family trip should be quite successful." Danielle Cadwallader - San Jose, California 06-15-2011

"I have used a different insurance company to cover my vehicle while I travel to Mexico. My previous insurer could not provide theft coverage due to age of my car. This was important to me so I continued my search for one that would provide that service. Your application was easy to fill out and the information provided is clear and detailed. I believe I will continue using your srvices. PS. I have bought Mexican insurance for quite some time and have never had an accident or a claim." Carlos Maldonado - Pueblo, Colorado 06-14-2011

"Easy to use! Waaay better than stopping at the border. This is the third time I have used your service." Barbara & Hilario Gutierrez - Gold Canyon, Arizona 06-13-2011

"I called and was dealing with Michael Mercer who is very professional and courteous over the phone. He took time to explain everything in detail, nice job! I am happy with my Mexican Insurance quote and hoping I won't have to use it! - Thanks!, Jeremy" Jeremy Andrews - Gilbert, Arizona (winter) and Rosarito, Mexico (summer) 05-26-2011

"Very easy to quote and write! Repeat customer." Gary Bullard - Angleton, Texas 05-19-2011


Very convenient. Thank you so much. : )" Amy Sudrala - Tucson, Arizona 05-12-2011

"Very nice website. Easy to navigate and also find answers to Mexican insurance. I knew I was a AAA member for good reason! Thank you." Ronald Mills - Chandler, Arizona 05-10-2011

"Easy to use. Easy to get a quote. Easy to buy the insurance I need. Thanks." Dennis Lynch - Chico, California 05-03-2011

"Easy to use. Complete information options. I am glad I returned for my Mexican Insurance Coverage." "Bob" Miller - Calexico, California 04-28-2011

"Super easy! Thank you!!!!" Joseph Manson - San Diego, California 04-23-2011

"This continues to be a great site to purchase Mexican insurance. Easy to navigate and compare policies, and easy to purchase. Thank you." Lillian Basefsky - Tucson, Arizona 04-23-2011

"It's very easy to use your on line application form." Rita Kurth - Covina, California 03-21-2011

"You sure make it convenient and easy to use your website. Thanks again for all your help." Don Peterson - Glendale, Arizona 03-04-2011

"I found the site very easy to navigate and was very clear in it's instructions." Donald Korte - Mesa, Arizona and Fort Wayne, Indiana 03-01-2011

"Awesome website, great job!" Charles Kelly - Scottsdale, Arizona 01-07-2011

"Great site, easy to use and fast efficient way to get Mexico insurance. Thanks!" Drake Schrage - Laredo, Texas 01-04-2011

"This was so much easier than stopping on the road to purchase insurance! (Stopping on the way has taken an additional 30-40 min. in the past.)" Betsy Blackledge - Mesa, Arizona 01-03-2011

"Nice and Simple!" James Davis - Wheatfields, Arizona 12-15-2010

"Excellent prices and very quick service to renew my policy." Maria Rodriguez - Houston, Texas 12-15-2010

"Every step was easy and fast!" Meliton Cazares - Forest Hill, Louisiana 12-15-2010

"The website is very easy to use." Tammie Pereira - San Mateo, California 12-14-2010

"El servicio es de primera ,y el mas economico del mercado, gracias por su ayuda." Pedro Arana - 12-12-2010

"Excellent. It doesn't get much easier. British Columbia could learn a lot..." Fredy Boese - Victoria, British Columbia 12-10-2010

"This is a very good site. Fast, easy to use, and orderly." Carlos Gonzalez - San Ysidro, California 11-13-2010

"I am not comfortable with getting a quote through a website and prefer phoning. I must say that the insurance broker that I received my insurance through was most customer friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and gave me some confidence that, should something happen, the procedure to follow was not difficult. I will be contacting Mexpro in the new year. Thanks." Mas Kinoshita - Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada 11-11-2010

"Once again, your site was easy to follow. I am more than grateful that your website 'picked-up' my previous policy information so, that I didn't have to input all of the data, once again. Happy Holidays!" Albert Boulter - Chatham, New Hampshire 11-11-2010

"Very well organized and easy to get through. I really like the comparison tool for all the different policies. Great background information about the policies." Christiane dePourtales - Phoenix, Arizona 10-13-2010

"This web site very easy to navigate and very user friendly... Thank you." John Blake - Las Vegas, Nevada 10-12-2010

"Site works beautifully, very user friendly." Joseph Shultz 10-12-2010

"Web site is set up nicely. Easy to navigate. Range of choices and comparable features of each is useful. Being able to pull up last year's information (personal information, vehicle information) is helpful." Ken Sakshaug - Sun City, Arizona 10-11-2010

"Very clear and very easy to use. Cost is Reasonable." William St. John - Phoenix, Arizona 10-11-2010

"Dealing with MexPro has been a pleasure. Questions are always answered." Michael Stephenson - Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada 10-07-2010

"Easy as can be - thanks." Susan Ferguson - Tucson, Arizona 10-06-2010

"Well done! You have made what could have been a difficult procedure well organized and well explained. Thank you." Albert Bollter - Los Angeles, California 10-05-2010

"Easy to use, nice and clear. That is why we keep coming back. Plus the people are great!" Roy Ferguson - Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada 10-03-2010

"Luckily, we have not needed to use the insurance purchased, but the process to purchase has always been fast and efficient. This year, we are buying policies on two vehicles!" Bill Allen - Fairbanks, Alaska 10-01-2010

"Thank you for making this process so easy and understandable." Christine M. Patterson - Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada 09-24-2010

"Very clear and easy to navigate website. I will recommend your site to everyone that I know traveling to Mexico." Janet Ash - Pleasanton, California 09-13-2010

"I filled out an application for a client. This was the first time I used your company and I am so pleased with the results--so easy and so quick. I was in a hurry on Friday afternoon and your website was so easy to purchase I just didn’t have his credit card number to process on Friday so had to wait till today. This is the first time using you and I will continue to use your company and I will tell people about your website." Brenda Hernandez, BIA-Insurance Agency - Alta Loma, California 09-13-2010

"Your website is very easy to use and permits you to go away, look for documentation, and come back and continue." Wayne Meriwether - Huntington Beach, California 09-11-2010

"I am very happy with the ease of purchasing this policy for my vehicle. Your website is very easy to navigate and understand." Esther Benavidez - Corpus Christi, Texas 09-08-2010

"A very well thought out and fully functional site. A credit to the design and test team." Ian Hill - Tulsa, Oklahoma 08-23-2010

"Nicely organized site." John Butler - Phoenix, Arizona 08-19-2010

"Your services were above and beyond. Thank you very much Alan for taking the time to explain to me what I need to bring my car into Mexico from Canada." Shannon Carlin - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 08-17-2010

"Thank-You Kindly!!!! This was a very good experience on the web site. I have everything I need now." Randall Coburn - Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico 08-13-2010

"Your online policy and application for insurance is easy to follow. Your staff will answer any questions you may have when you call into the company. People are courteous and clear on communications." Mary Sanchez - Spring, Texas 08-12-2010

"Easy to use, easy to understand and good information." Edgar Gonzalez - Austin, Texas 08-11-2010

"Thank you for the great and easy service. I will recommend this website for anyone who plans to travel in Mexico in the future." David Briones 08-10-2010

"This was very easy and efficient. It was a pleasure doing buisness with this company, I will be doing buisness with you again. Thank you!!!!" MR - Tucson, Arizona 06-11-2010

"It can't possibly get any easier to buy Mexico insurance the way you folks do it! I wish my US insurance were this simple to purchase. Your website is super informative and up to date. Can you guys start running the government too? Thanks again!" Raul and Blanca Padilla - Antioch, Cailfornia 06-10-2010

"It was very easy to request a quote and to purchase insurance. Very user friendly. Thanks." Michelle Stapley - Phoenix, Arizona 06-08-2010

"Could not have been easier to understand and complete. I expecially liked being able to choose from several different insurance carriers." David Cardillo - Mesa, Arizona 06-03-2010

"Nice Site and easy to work through to make a decision. I also like the comparison chart of the various insurers in Mexico." William Dausses 05-27-2010

"Great system - very easy to understand and use. Thanks!" Franklin Tally - Grand Rapids, Michigan 05-22-2010

"So easy. Thank you." Jim Baxter - Vancouver, British Columbia 05-02-2010

"Easy to use and user friendly. Nice comparison of quotes. Worth recommending." Dennis Ira - Gilbert, Arizona 05-01-2010

"Great way no hassel insurance buying. l would like to say also that this last November 2009 a transport truck, tire and wheel, came across the highway and did a lot of damage to our Toyota Van. But because we where on a toll highway, two insurance companies--ours and the highways took care of our costs and deductable, just an inconvenience for us getting it fixed. Thanks, good insurance." Ted Snyder - Battlford Saskatchewan, Canada 04-29-2010

"Very easy to use, and great customer service by your rep Robin...Thanks!" Robert Hooten - Racine, Wisconsin 04-27-2010

"This website was very easy." Jeremy Snyder - Mesa, Arizona 04-27-2010

"So easy to use, the webmaster must be a genius!" Shawn Vandyke - Phoenix, Arizona 04-13-2010

"Your web-based selection process really makes it easy to compare policies and choose the one that's best for each trip. Thank you." Lillian Basefsky - Tucson, Arizona 04-10-2010

"Very convienient and easy!" Brian Boles - Mesa, Arizona 04-07-2010

"Your website was very easy to use and I will use it again. Thank you very much." Elinor Rudolph - San Clemente, California 04-06-2010

"It was nice that it stayed connected while hunted down the required information and the server did not time out." James Hipsman - Phoenix, Arizona 04-02-2010

"This is the second time I used this insurance and I am very pleased. Your website is very useful, fast and easy to get through. Thank you." Elsa Selleck - Texas 03-18-2010


"Website is easy to navigate and products easy to understand. I will definitely use again when the time comes." Jeffrey Banister - Pleasanton, California 03-12-2010

"Excellent website, very easy to use. I was very pleased with my purchase." Bryan Claiborne - Temple, Texas 03-12-2010

"Very easy to navigate, simple but complete. I have been a customer since 2000, and I love this web site. Thumbs up." Elizabeth Castillo - Phoenix, Arizona 03-12-2010

"Good website, simple, easy to follow and informative." James Arndell - Albuquerque, New Mexico 03-12-2010

"So much easier than stopping in Lukeville!" Chuck Kottka - Phoenix, Arizona 03-11-2010

"I am not an expert with the computer, so it was super to work with such a well designed program that was so easy to follow. It also leaves one perfectly clear on just what he or she is getting. It's very hard to make a mistake. Kind Regards," Floyd Aurich 3-9-2010

"This web site works very well! It is easy to navigate quickly and efficiently. I have used it several times.." KSK ELECTRIC, INC. - Phoenix, Arizona 3-9-2010

"Good and easy way to buy insurance.." Federico Zamora Mees 3-8-2010

"Great system - love being able to renew so easily !!." Keith Crockatt - Victoria, BC 12-7-2009

"This has been so much easier than getting insurance anywhere else, and especially here in Ontario. Thanks for everything." R. Wylie - Ontario, Canada 11-10-2009

"Very easy to use, liked comparisons and speed of application." Frank Jones - Wasilla, Alaska 11-2-2009

"Easy to use. I like that you have my previous info archived so I can save time." Dale Rose 10-21-2009

"I have now used your web site for two years to obtain my insurance and the experience is just great. Good job on making this easy." Albert Miller 10-8-2009

"Kudos to making it ultra easy for an Independant Agent to issue Mexico Coverage for current and new clients. Infinity made a great decision to do business with these companies and I look forward to future business. Bottom line, you make it easy and you win!" Chris Newman 10-8-2009

"So far, this has utterly been the easiest thing we've had to do in preparing for departure to Mexico. THANK YOU for making it so clear and easy!!!" Lisa Falk 10-4-2009

"I like your website. It's very easy to understand and offers links to important items, like the Kelly Blue Book site." Michael Norton - Glendale, Arizona 9-29-2009