What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

I've purchased MexPro insurance each time I enter Mexico, and I have always been completely satisfied with their service. First time, I had questions and MexPro's agents answered them in one call. Since then it's been very easy to hop online to either renew or get new insurance after a dormant period. I get everything I need, including payment processing and downloadable/printable insurance documents, literally in a matter of minutes. I've never had a problem with MexPro's documents with any Mexican authorities in any of our travels between the US and as far south as Mazatlan, Sonora, or as far east as Durango, Durango. I would recommend MexPro to anyone.


It was a very easy web site to navigate through. I like the way you do comparisons with other companies. The explanation of benefits is also easy to understand when making your choice. Thank You. Joe

I've had to use my Mexpro Insurance only one time in the four years I've been in Mexico and they had a representative at the accident scene within 30 minutes. The other person's insurance took an hour and a half! The incident was resolved quickly and professionally and I was on my way!

I had to cancel my trip a day before my trip, so I was very pleased be able to cancel my policy at that time. I got my refund 3 days later. Fortunately, I was able to travel so I got a new policy and went to and back from Mexico with no problem.