Emergency Medical Evacuation Travel Insurance

What makes Mexpro's Travel Insurance emergency medical evacuation insurance stand out, is that it is true insurance, regulated by the insurance industry and underwritten by Nationwide insurance, who has an A+ rating with A.M. Best Company.

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Many evacuation plans say they are insurance but are instead, unregulated memberships. If your membership refuses to pay or provide services, you have little, or no recourse. Your only option is to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, who has no legal authority over the membership company. An underwritten insurance plan is regulated by each state to protect consumers and provide a course of action should an insurer act in bad faith.

Evacuation Coverage

Emergency Evacuation
Evacuation to your Hospital of Choice
Ambulance from Hospital to Air Evac
Transport Minor Children Back Home
Transport & Repatriation of Mortal Remains
Transport a Visitor to Join You

Additional benefits include:

  • No Pre-existing Exclusions
  • No Out-of-Pocket Costs
  • No Infectious Disease Exclusions (including COVID-19)

How Coverage Works

If after being admitted to a hospital for medical treatment due to an unexpected accident or illness, your medical condition warrants being transferred to another hospital where the treatment needed can be obtained. Or, or if you require transfer for further medical treatment to recover, you will be transported to your hospital of choice, near your home in the U.S. In order for a medical evacuation to be arranged, your physician must make this recommendation, as well as our assistance provider's medical team.

After approval, you will be taken to your hospital of choice by the means most appropriate for your condition, when you are stable enough to travel. Transport is provided by a highly accredited global network of medical personnel and ambulance providers, utilizing state of the art, medically equipped jets.

Most evacuation plans take you to the “nearest suitable facility”. That's what makes this plan a cut above the rest. You can be near family and home for treatment and recovery.

Infectious Disease Coverage

Covid and any infectious diseases are treated like any other illness and covered under this plan.

Coverage Duration

Mexpro's travel medical evacuation insurance offers up to 364-day single trip plans that start at $5/day, depending on your age. No matter how long your trip is (between 1 and 364 days) the coverage ends upon your return.

You can also purchase annual multi trip plans for travel up to 90 days or 180 days per trip. These are ideal for frequent travelers who travel more than 40 days per year and want to save time and money by purchasing a single plan to cover multiple trips.

Visitor Transportation

Visitor transportation to visit you in the hospital is provided if you are traveling alone and it's anticipated you will be there more than seven days. Dependent children under the age of 18 and traveling with you, can be transported to a person you designate to care for them when you are hospitalized for more than two days.

Restrictions: The Following Conditions Must Apply to Receive Coverage

  • You must be 150 miles or more from your residence.
  • Emergency air or ground transportation to the initial hospital, i.e., from the scene of an accident, is not covered under this plan. Only ground ambulance between hospitals as part of an approved medical evacuation is covered.
  • You must be 84 years of age or younger to qualify for this coverage.
  • Plan availability may vary by state, see terms for more detail on coverage and plan limits.


Need to make a claim? All U.S. and International evacuation services are administered through OnCall, our travel assistance service. Reach them by phone at +1 (602) 344-9225 or toll-free (888) 963-4933. Choose option "2."

Emergency Evacuation Travel Insurance FAQs

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Medical Evacuation Quote

  • Review your policy documents for specific coverage and benefit details.
  • If there is any difference between this website and your terms and conditions, the terms and conditions prevail.