Mexico Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

If you have never gone to Mexico on your bike, you are missing out. There are a number of well attended rallies and charity events that are worth checking out. Mexpro offers both liability and full coverage policies, satisfying Mexico's minimum insurance requirements, as well as ensuring you have the best motorcycle insurance coverage on the market for Mexico. And, it's easy to purchase a policy using our online system.

Our policies provide high liability limits and low deductibles, guaranteed bail bond and legal assistance, and travel/roadside assistance. Our full coverage policies provide physical damage and theft. Premium polcies also include partial theft and vandalism coverage, and more.

Note that ATV/UTV policies differ from Motorycle policies.

Medical Payments

While auto insurance policies generally provide a low limit for medical payments coverage, in the event you or your passengers are injured, there is no medical payments coverage for drivers or riders with Mexico motorcycle insurance policies. That doesn't mean you have to go without. Mexpro offers International medical insurance policies that are inexpensive and provide this missing coverage. You should also check with your U.S. health insurer to find out what level of coverage they will provide if you incur hospital bills in Mexico.

Coverage from Insurers You Can Trust

The insurance companies we work with are financially stable, A.M. Best rated, and reputable. They have a history of easy claims processing and offer competitive pricing and choices.