Why Buy Mexico Auto Insurance from Mexpro?

Mexpro has been the leading provider of Mexico Insurance products for visitors to Mexico since 1999. We were pioneers in the Mexico Insurance market and were the first to allow consumers to purchase Mexico Insurance online, from multiple insurers, via the Internet. While we are proud of our past, we are more proud that many of our customers are our friends, and continually purchase insurance from us year after year. While each of our customers has their own reasons for going with Mexpro, when we ask them we usually hear one of the following responses:

"I go with Mexpro because they are fast and easy to use!"

Did you know that you can get a quote for Mexico car insurance in less than two minutes? If you like it, tack on another six-minutes and you can have your policy in hand. Yes it is that easy! Quote, print and purchase your Mexico Car insurance in less than 10 minutes when you have your driver's license and proof of US insurance in hand. We know that when it comes to a trip to Mexico, insurance is one of the last things on your mind, but it is important. So we make it easy to "grab and go."

The same easy system can be used for Mexico Boat insurance for watercraft and jet skis.

Do you have a home in Mexico? With a Mexico zip code in hand, you can have a Mexico homeowner's insurance quote in two-minutes. The policy takes a little longer, but yes, you can even quote, buy, and print your Mexico homeowners insurance from the comfort of your home.

"I buy from Mexpro because they provide quality insurance at a great value."

Quality and value can mean a lot of different things. When it comes to quality insurance, we define it as a company that will pay your claim. When it comes to value, for some it means cheap, for others it means quality. At Mexpro we see these as related issues and define quality and value as getting the coverage that fits your needs, from a company that can pay your claim, at a price that fits your budget.

"I go with Mexpro because they provide coverage that fits my needs."

How do we provide coverage that fits your needs? Mexpro, as an independent insurance agent, is able to represent multiple insurance companies. Each of our companies offers different levels and coverage options. For example, each of our Mexico car insurance partners has what is known as a standard package, as well as an Full Coverage package. The standard package is for our price conscious customers, and is what has been available in the Mexico insurance market for years. Even our standard package has coverage options including different deductibles, different liability limits and the option of our MexVisit travel assistance coverage.

Mexpro's Full Coverage package is the best Mexico insurance coverage available in the market and boasts high limits of liability, medical payments and legal assistance. It includes coverage not usually available in the Mexico insurance market, such as partial theft and vandalism, waiver of a deductible in the event of a collision where someone else was at fault, higher labor rates--in the event you choose to have your vehicle repaired in the US, and fixed deductibles. These options ensure you have the ability to choose the coverage that you need. The Full Coverage package is NOT AVAILABLE on Motorcycle insurance policies.

"I go with Mexpro because they provide access to quality insurance companies."

Each of the companies we represent is "A-Rated" by A.M. Best. A.M. Best is a company that determines the financial capability of a company to pay claims. An "A" rating means that the company has the proper reserves to pay in the event of a claim. This is one of the requirements we have for any of our Mexico insurance partners before we will work with them. In addition we have built great relationships with our company partners to ensure that we can help you in the event that you get in a bind. No insurance claim is a fun experience, and adding an international component makes it more complicated, but you can rest assured that we at Mexpro will stand by you until your claim has been resolved.

"I go with Mexpro because they provide great insurance at affordable prices."

Because we have multiple companies, and multiple packages, we offer a variety of price ranges to fit your budget. Also, because we offer multiple companies, we are able to protect you from any crazy increase that may occur from a single company.

"I go with Mexpro because they provide great service."

While we have great systems, we also understand not everyone is comfortable making purchases online, which is why we have a call center of licensed, highly trained and experienced insurance agents standing by to assist you with your Mexico insurance purchase. If you already have a policy and need to make a change or cancel, we have a friendly and knowledgeable customer service team ready to help you with that as well. Finally, we are here if you need us in the event of a claim. While you will contact the company directly in the event of a claim, we are here to help you if things get sticky. From quote to claims we are here to help you throughout the process.

"I go with Mexpro because they provide peace of mind."

Fast, easy to use systems, that give you access to quality coverage from great companies, all at affordable prices, that's Mexpro! It's pretty simple. Our goal is to be there when you need us and provide the peace of mind you need to enjoy your time in Mexico.

Get a Mexico insurance quote, get one now online.