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Mexican Auto Insurance Physical Damage Coverage

Ensuring your car is protected in Mexico is important. It's the physical damage portion of your Mexican auto insurance policy that covers you. Here we explain what a Mexpro policy covers.

In the U.S. many people purchase collision coverage as part of their auto insurance policy to cover the cost of repairs or replacement, in the event they are the cause of an accident that results in damage to their own vehicle. In Mexico, collision is just one of the many coverage items that are typically included under the physical damage coverage option of a Mexican auto insurance policy. Physical damage coverage, sometimes referred to as property damage coverage, not only includes coverage for collision, but also provides coverage for other important items.

In addition to collision, the Mexican insurance policy's physical damage portion includes coverage for damages resulting from overturning and fire. Additionally, it will provide coverage for other items that are typically included as part of a U.S. policy's comprehensive or other-than-collision coverage, such as: electrical storms, explosions, cyclones, hurricanes, hail storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, land/rock slides, collapse of buildings/structures, fallen branches/trees, and avalanches.

Physical Damage coverage can also cover flooding caused by the overflowing of fresh water rivers, lakes or inlets. However, coverage for flooding caused by the normal action of tides or by sea water is most often excluded. There are also circumstances where coverage is included for damages sustained while the insured vehicle is being transported, either by land, air or water. Additionally, Mexican tourist auto Physical Damage typically will provide coverage for physical damage suffered by the insured vehicle due to direct actions of people taking part in work stoppages, strikes, labor disturbances, riots or popular uprisings.

Coverage for damages caused by vandalism and partial theft are ONLY included on our premium full coverage policies. Partial theft and vandalism coverage automatically get added to the policy as part of the endorsement coverage upgrade.

When a covered loss occurs, as part of the Mexico Physical Damage coverage, the insurance company will pay the reasonable necessary towing costs to move the insured vehicle within the limits of the Mexican Republic, to the closest qualified repair facility, which will be designated by the insurance company. With a standard policy option, all repair costs for the insured vehicle are calculated according to labor costs in effect in the Mexican Republic. However, just like the vandalism and partial theft coverage, the U.S. Labor Rates coverage option can be added by simply selecting a premium full coverage policy. With U.S. Labor rates coverage, you can drive your damaged vehicle back to the U.S. to have repairs done closer to home, with less out of pocket expenses. NOTE: the insurance company will not provide for towing back to the U.S., though your MexVisit® Travel Assistance could pay for some or all of the cost of towing it to the border.

Both physical damage and theft coverage are subject to a deductible. For more information about our deductibles see our coverage comparisons page.

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