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Replacement Value Coverage

Replacement coverage can reimburse you for the cost to rebuild your primary dwelling & other structures.


Mexpro’s GNP Mexico homeowner’s insurance policy includes replacement value coverage for your home and your personal belongings. Replacement coverage can reimburse you for the cost to rebuild your primary dwelling and other structures, up to the insured amount, minus the deductible. And when applicable, minus the coinsurance amount.

When shopping around for Mexico homeowner’s insurance, be sure to avoid policies that only offer actual cash value coverage. The amount paid out after a claim could be reduced drastically due to depreciation. With replacement value coverage, you don’t have to worry about depreciation.

Catastrophic Coverage

Hydro meteorological and earthquake coverage are optional, but just like the policy’s fire and all risk coverage, the amount of reimbursement after an insured loss is calculated using replacement value. The premium amounts you pay for hydro meteorological coverage and earthquake coverage varies based on the location of your risk.

Insured Amount

Your home, condo or townhome can easily be insured through our program from amounts as little as $5,000 USD and up to a maximum of $2 million USD.

If your home’s value is more than $2 million USD we still may be able to insure you. Please submit a special underwriting request using our online form.

When determining the amount of dwelling (building) insurance needed for your home, you should never include the value for the land, views, or prestige of the location. The replacement cost value should be based solely on the cost to rebuild the structure (materials and labor).


Condominiums and townhomes need building coverage for the interior walls, and personal property coverage for items inside the home. Check with the condo association’s bylaws and covenants to determine what the association is responsible for, and better know how your unit should be insured.