Standard Mexico Auto Policies

When choosing a Standard Coverage policy, you can rest assured that all of the Mexico insurance carriers offered by Mexpro are well established, reputable and reliable. Each company has an "A rating" with A.M. Best (, and we have worked with each of them for nearly a decade, or more. We know from our years of experience, that when a covered loss happens in Mexico, all of the carriers we offer will take great care of our clients.

Physical Damage and Total Theft

Physical Damage and Total Theft coverage is essentially the same from one carrier to the next. The limit of insurance for these two types of coverage should be based on the vehicle's actual cash value, which can easily be determined by looking up the vehicle's private party value in the current Kelly Blue Book. You can visit the Kelly Blue Book website at: to find the actual cash value of your vehicle.

Fixed Deductibles

While Fixed Deductibles are always included in Full Coverage policies, which are typically more expensive, they are not automatically included in the less expensive Standard Coverage policy. However, Fixed Deductibles may be added to a Standard Coverage policy for an additional cost.

Third Party Liability

Whichever amount of Third Party Liability coverage you choose, the limit of insurance for standard coverage will be the same for all of the insurance carriers being quoted. However, some of the carriers will give better deals for different limits of coverage. So it is always good to check the cost of the higher limits of coverage to see if you might be able to get a lot more coverage without paying a lot more money. Additionally, due to the radical change to Mexico liability law that took effect near the end of 2012, we are recommending that all our customers purchase a minimum of $300,000.00 for their limit of liability, and it is a very good idea to consider purchasing the higher $500,000.00 limit.

Legal Assistance and Medical Payments

The amount of the Legal Assistance and the Medical Payments coverage usually will vary from one carrier to the next, so be sure to click on the little green check marks found on the quote form. These will indicate which coverage is included, while also allowing you to see the specific limits and other important details about each of the coverage items.

Roadside Assistance

All of Mexpro's carriers include at least a basic level of roadside assistance coverage. The best and most inclusive roadside coverage offered may be included by simply selecting "Yes" for the optional MexVisit Travel Assistance.