El Aguila Full Coverage / Extended Endorsement Mexico Auto Policies

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The El Aguila Compania de Seguros extended coverage endorsement adds physical damage, glass breakage, uninsured motorist, and gap coverage on top of their liability-only policies. See all the benefits included in El Aguila's extended endorsement auto policies below.

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For more coverage information, please read the policy's terms and conditions. If there is any discrepancy with other written material, the terms and conditions will prevail.

El Aguila Claims

In order to properly settle your Mexican auto insurance claim, you MUST report your claim in Mexico.


Immediately contact your insurer if you need to make a claim. Any attempt to report a claim outside of Mexico will be rejected by your Mexican insurer.


Have the following ready when you call:

  • your insurance policy number,
  • the name of the insured driver,
  • address & information about where the accident occurred,
  • vehicle identification: year, make, model, type, and color.

When the adjuster arrives at the scene of the accident, have the following ready:

  • a copy of your insurance policy,
  • the valid driver's license of the person who was operating the vehicle.

Be prepared to file an accident report.