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ACE SegurosCall this number for Accident, Theft, or Legal Aid, provided by ACE Seguros:
(Toll Free) - 01 800 362 7288

The above numbers work from within Mexico only!

You MUST report all claims prior to leaving Mexico and recrossing the border into the USA. Failure to file a claim prior to leaving Mexico will result in the DENIAL of your claim.

If you have an accident in Mexico:

  1. Remain calm.

  2. Do not leave the scene of the accident.

  3. Call the 01 800 362 7288 number from within Mexico. You will be asked to provide:

    1. Policy number

    2. Name of the insured and the driver

    3. Vehicle Identification: year, make, model, type, color and license plate

    4. Place and address where the accident occurred

  4. Do not leave the vehicle unattended since the insurance policy does not cover partial theft of parts.

  5. If the vehicle is moved from the scene of the accident, you must inform the insurance company of the new location.

  6. When the adjuster arrives, you will be asked for the following documents:

    1. Insurance policy

    2. A valid driver's license

  7. You will be asked to complete an accident report. Please do so since failure to do that may result in rejection of the claim.

Thank you for choosing ACE Seguros

We are committed to providing you with the best service possible.

Upon your return to the US and after the claim has been reported to the company, you can get the status of your claim by contacting ACE Seguros at:
866 223 8023 toll free from the US
011 52 555 258 5899 fax in Mexico

DO NOT CALL 1-800-362-7288 FROM THE USA. FROM USA, CALL 1-866-223-8023. FROM WITHIN MEXICO CALL 01-800-362-7288.