What to do if you have a Traffic incident in Baja Mexico

Getting pulled over by a police officer can be a stressful situation, imagine getting pulled over in a foreign country with different laws and where a different language is spoken. In this case the most important thing to remember is to be respectful, remain calm, and be aware of what your rights are.

The Baja California Tourism Secretary reminds tourists that:

  • "If you are stopped by a police officer for a traffic violation in Tijuana, Rosarito Beach or Ensenada, you should always politely insist on a written citation that you could pay either at the police station or by mail."

  • "When faced with a fine that you consider unfair, you can contest the fine by filing an appeal (Recurso de Inconformidad), either in person or in writing, for a municipal judge to review. To do this, immediately go to the nearest municipal judge within the police station; if you need information on how to do this," call the Baja California Tourist Assistance Hotline "078".

  • "If you feel you have been mistreated by any public official or law enforcement authority, you can file a complaint with the State Secretariat of Tourism of Baja California. Make sure to get the person’s name, agency, badge or patrol car number, as well as place and time of the incident and report it immediately to our Tourist Assistance Hotline 078 or e-mail: assistance@baja.gob.mx."

Please remember that just like in the US, bribing an officer is illegal and not only can you be fined for attempting to do so but you can also be incarcerated. All citations must be paid by mail or at the police station and should not be paid to the police officer.

Also if you are pulled over for a minor traffic violation it is not necessary for you to go to the police station. However, if you are involved in a traffic accident Police officers will ask that you go to the nearest police station. It is very important that you have Mexico Auto Insurance to show proof of financial responsibility.


  1. Remain calm

  2. Politely insist that the officer gives you a written citation to be paid by mail or at the police station (Do not give the officer money).

  3. If you feel you have been faced with a fine that you consider unfair, you can contest the fine by filing an appeal (Recurso de Inconformidad) at the nearest municipal judge or you can call the Tourist Assistance Hotline 078. Take note of time, location, police vehicle Identification Number and if possible police officer’s badge number.

  4. If you have been involved in an accident call your Mexican Insurance company in Mexico to report the accident.