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Adjustable Deductibles

Mexpro's GNP Home owners program offers many deductible options.

Adjustable Deductibles for Mexico Home Owners Insurance

Our GNP Home owners program offers many deductible options for the *Fire All Risk Section (excludes catastrophic coverage).

  • Deductibles start as low as $500 USD.
  • Maximum deductible is $20,000 USD
  • You can choose separate deductibles for dwelling, glass, personal property and theft.
  • Extraordinary expense, debris removal and civil liability coverages are not subject to a deductible.

*Fire All Risk

According to GNP’s terms & conditions, Fire All Risk refers to losses sustained by the piece of real property arising from any of the following:

  1. Fire, lightning strike or explosion.
  2. Certain acts committed by persons taking part in stoppages, strikes, labor related disturbances, rallies, civil commotion, rebellion, etc.
  3. Impact of aircraft or of objects falling from it.
  4. Fallen trees, antennas, billboards, etc.
  5. Smoke or soot produced outside the Insured´s premises.
  6. Water or steam coming from breakage in pipelines or in supply systems above ground
  7. Collision of vehicles not owned by the Insured
  8. Accidental breakdown of machinery or equipment suitable to a dwelling
  9. Any other sudden and unforeseen risk, not explicitly excluded.