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Our Global Medical Insurance health coverage protects you in the event that not everything goes according to plan while you're visiting in Mexico. From a change in travel plans to a medical emergency we offer many insurance programs that can provide you with the assistance you need while on your holiday.

Travel Medical Insurance for Mexico

Worldwide medical insurance from provides short-term health coverage for the duration of your trip to Mexico. You can select single-trip medical, multi-trip medical and coverage that many insurers will not provide outside the US

International Student / Missionary Health Insurance Programs

Are you studying in Mexico or conducting your missionary work there? This long-term international Student / missionary health insurance policy may be the perfect coverage for you while in Mexico.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

This insurance coverage protects you in the event your Mexico holiday plans change at the last moment due to an emergency.

Temporary Medical Evacuation Insurance

This temporary health insurance coverage provides you with emergency transportation to a qualified medical facility in the event of illness or injury while in Mexico.

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