Travel Health Insurance

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Mexpro's Global Medical Insurance health coverage protects you in the event that not everything goes according to plan while you're visiting in Mexico. From a change in travel plans to a medical emergency we offer many insurance programs that can provide you with the assistance you need while on your holiday.

Chances are nothing will happen, but have you ever had a Medical emergency in a foreign country, or just in another city? It can be complicated. You care is in the hands of someone who is not your doctor or your hospital. Can you trust them? Get peace of mind by choosing from a variety of coverage options offered from Mexpro, through International Medical Group. Find everything from short-term medical coverage to full time protection.

Travel Health Insurance for Mexico

Worldwide medical insurance from Mexpro provides short-term health coverage for the duration of your trip to Mexico. You can select single-trip medical, multi-trip medical and coverage that many insurers will not provide outside the US.

International Student / Missionary Health Insurance Programs

Are you studying in Mexico or conducting your missionary work there? This long-term international Student / missionary health insurance policy may be the perfect coverage for you while in Mexico.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Mexico vacation plans change at the last moment due to an emergency? No worries, as trip cancellation insurance will cover you.

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