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When it comes to claims, the most important thing to understand is that all claims must be reported in Mexico. Failure to report your claim can cause the denial of your claim.

If you have a loss in Mexico, please do the following:

  1. Please remain calm.

  2. Do not leave the scene of the accident or loss.

  3. Call the toll free number provided on your Mexico auto insurance policy.

  4. You will be asked to provide:

    • Policy Number

    • Name of the insured and the driver

    • Place and address where the accident or loss occurred

    • Vehicle identification: year, make, model, type, and color

  5. When the adjuster arrives, you will be asked for the following documents:

    • Insurance Certificate

    • A valid driver's license

  6. You will be asked to complete an accident report. Please do, since failure to do so may result in rejection of the claim.


  1. Do not make any arrangement with third parties; leave this to the adjuster.

  2. If the vehicle is moved from the scene of the accident, you must inform the insurance company of the new location.

  3. Do not leave the vehicle unattended since the insurance policy does not cover partial theft of parts, unless you have purchased the extended package option.

Once the claim has been reported you will be provided a copy of the adjustors report. Please keep this on hand, as it will help with the follow up procedures. Claims do take time to resolve. Following the insurance companies' instructions will ease the process and ensure your claim is handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most claims are handled within 30 days.

Please use the following numbers to Report a Claim in Mexico and Contact your Insurer:

Insurance Company In Mexico US/Canada
ABA Seguros Accident/Theft: 01-800-368-1414
Flat Tire, Towing, Fuel, etc: 01-800-310-7590
ACE Seguros 01-800-362-7288 1-866-223-8023
El Aguila Accident/Theft: 01-800-890-2203
Flat Tire, Towing, Fuel, etc: 01-800-624-6491
Grupo Nacional Provincial (GNP) 01-800-026-5110 1-888-823-4745
MexVisit Roadside Assistance Claims 01-800-624-6491 1-866-549-7008
The above numbers work from within Mexico only! The above numbers work from within the US or Canada!

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