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Check out these stories about Mexpro and see why we are considered the leader among Mexican auto insurance agencies. No Mexico car insurance agencies have garnered as much interest from insurance industry news sources than Mexpro. We stand out from other Mexican insurance agencies because our prices and service can't be beat. Read Mexico insurance industry news and learn about our success for yourself!

Purchasing Insurance for Mexico "...When purchasing any type of insurance for Mexico, buyers should analyze a number of issues including..." (Updated 2013/Original 2003)

Don't Get Stuck at the Mexico Border "...AAA reminds travelers to Mexico that if they plan to drive their vehicles there, they need to purchase Mexico auto insurance for their trip. U.S. auto insurance is not accepted in Mexico..." (January 2008)

Car insurance a must in Mexico "...High on the checklist of items needing addressed when driving across the border to Mexico is car insurance, an often overlooked aspect travel to Mexico..." (June 2006)

Mexican Insurance Leader Launches Two New Products "...the launch of two new online Mexico Insurance products available via its websites at in Spanish and in English. (November 2003)

Mexico's P-C Market Holds Promise "There is no reason for an agency to risk losing clients, potential clients or control of a portion of an account because it cannot handle exposures in Mexico." (July 2003)

Keeping the Border Covered "...Now, Labelle says his company provides insurance for more US licensed vehicles crossing the Mexico border than anyone else in the country..." (Arizona Daily Sun, June 2003)

Brokers Find Mexico Travel Insurance Can Bring Prosperity to Their Portfolio, "US agents and brokers are finding more and more clients and prospects with Commercial exposure in Mexico..."

Growing Your Business One Link at a Time "...the service is really a protection for agents, and it is available..." (May 2003)