An endorsement is a clause that may be added to an insurance policy, through a special request and approval process, to modify coverage or make an exception to a rule outlined in the policy’s terms and conditions. Some may wish to submit Special Underwriting Requests to the insurance company underwriters when they are interested in:

  • Increasing the policy’s sublimit for high value personal property
    Example: Increasing policy coverage for jewelry items valued greater than $1,000 USD

  • Adding theft coverage for items excluded by the policy
    Example: Adding theft coverage for solar panels

  • Expanding catastrophic coverage to include items excluded by the policy
    Example: Adding hydro meteorological coverage for an excluded swimming pool

  • Requesting a quote for coverage amounts beyond the policy’s maximum limits
    Example: Insuring a home valued at $2.75 million USD, while the online program allows a maximum of $2 million USD worth of coverage

When submitting special requests to the underwriters, you’ll need to include:

  • Your quote/policy number
  • Recent Photographs of the Item(s)
  • Your detailed written request, including your signature
  • Supporting documentation (appraisals, receipts, work orders, estimates, etc.)

There are several ways to submit your request:

  1. Follow the link to: our online Special Underwriting Request form

  2. Send an email to us at: customerservice@iigins.com

  3. Fax your request to: +1-928-779-7221

  4. Mail your request to:
    International Insurance Group, Inc. (Mexpro)

    214 East Birch Avenue
    Flagstaff, Arizona 86001