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Travel Assistance Coverage

Mexican auto insurance most often automatically includes at least some level of travel assistance coverage as part of a basic policy. However, the specific types of coverage and limits included can vary widely from insurer to insurer, so it is important to understand just what your Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance policy will be able to provide. Travel Assistance is typically offered as a bundle of coverage that typically includes some very useful items such as Legal Assistance, Medical Assistance, Travel/Tourist Assistance and Roadside Assistance.

Having coverage for Legal Assistance included in your tourist auto policy can potentially aid in keeping bad situations, like being involved in an accident or being the victim of a crime, from becoming even worse. Having the option available to call and get qualified advice from a legal professional when things go wrong, can be a tremendous help.

Medical Assistance starts with the basic benefit of providing 24-Hour Medical References throughout all parts of Mexico. Next it will often include some coverage for land and/or air ambulance transportation during medical emergencies. It usually includes coverage for transportation, trip continuation or repatriation in case of an extended illness or death. Additionally, it may provide, a round-trip plane ticket and hotel stay for an appointed person, in case the insured is hospitalized within Mexico.

Roadside Assistance includes basic coverage for Lockout Service, Emergency Fuel Service, Flat Tire Service and Jumpstart Service. It can also provide payment for towing and potentially payment for a rental car, in case of Mechanical Failure, Accident or Theft of the insured vehicle.

Travel Assistance may also provide for either trip continuation, or return plane tickets home, in the case of a theft, total loss or if the vehicle is stranded for extended repairs. Other services, such as, tourist information and urgent message transmission are also often provided, along with a cash advance in case the insured suffers a robbery. Additionally, tourist assistance may be available to help you make prearrangements for obtaining special medical preparations or access to medical equipment, such as wheel chairs, dialysis, etc. The assistance can provide general information on weather conditions, inoculation requirements, visas, etc. It may also provide help in the event of a lost passport, transfer and advances of money for emergencies, and emergency messaging service.

To ensure you get the best roadside assistance possible, Mexpro includes MexVisit® travel assistance on all our policies. In addition to roadside coverage, you'll get travel, personal legal, and medical assistance.