Mexpro Offers Travel Medical Evacuation Insurance

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Mexpro now offers Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance from Travel MedEvac!

Travel MedEvac Insurance provides medical air ambulance evacuation insurance from Mexico (and other countries) to the medical facility of your choice in the U.S.

Travel MedEvac LogoUnlike other plans, our product is not a membership or assistance club, but an actual insurance product governed by insurance industry regulators. Our policies are underwritten by Nationwide Insurance, an A.M. Best A+ rated company. Plans are available on a per-day (to match your trip length), 6-month, or annual basis.

If you sustain a critical injury or illness that requires hospitalization, other medical evacuation plans provide transportation to the "nearest suitable facility." Travel MedEvac picks you up and flies you to your home hospital of choice.

Our partner, Air Ambulance Worldwide, manages all medical evacuations. Watch this video to learn more about our services.

Conveniently, the option to purchase Travel MedEvac insurance is available after purchasing your Mexpro Mexico Auto Insurance policy.

Travel MedEvac can cover you not only in Mexico, but also for vacations to the Caribbean and Central America, nearly 40 countries in all.

Travel MedEvac Insurance Highlights

Have more questions? Learn more on our website. Or purchase Travel MedEvac now.