Mexpro Assist Legal Assistance for your Mexican Vacation

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Any time you cross an international border, you are at a disadvantage if you are not familiar with the intricacies of the law.  You may break a law or run into trouble simply due to lack of knowledge. Many north American residents flock to Mexico for short to long periods of time and at one time or another, most will find themselves in need of some sound legal advice. Mexpro Assist offered by is a solution to needing Mexican legal aid and advice from a professional who knows the law without having to pay the high cost of putting a lawyer on retainer. There are a number of situations when this can come in handy.

  1. If you are stopped or intercepted illegally by federales.
    Occasionally tourists are stopped by Mexican federales under a trumped up charge in order to extort a tip, or what is called a Mordida. Most people just pay the 'fine' to avoid conflict. However, this can be a costly solution. With Mexpro Assist, you will have immediate access to legal aid 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In this situation, just one quick phone call could be all it takes to be on your way without paying a dime.

  2. Legal advice on immigration issues and consular services.
    If you arrive in Mexico on a tourist visa, or what is called an FMT, you will typically be given a six-month visa. Many visitors accidentally overextend their visa or want to lengthen it so they do not have to leave the country. Failure to do so can result in daily fines that can quickly add up. Mexpro Assist lawyers can give you legal advice in immigration related issues and connect you with consular services to get your issue solved for the least amount of time, money and hassle.

  3. Help in the event that something you own is lost or stolen.
    No matter where you travel in the world, there are people waiting to take advantage of others. It is a possibility that if you take something valuable to Mexico, it may be stolen. However, filing a police report can be more complex in Mexico. Mexpro Assist can help you with filling out the proper forms. If you are insured, you will need these documents to get reimbursed, so this can end up being an invaluable service.

Mexpro Assist legal service can be added on to your Mexico auto insurance policy for just dollars a day. Long-term contracts are also available for part or full time Mexican residents. Mexican legal assistance is something none of us want to think of, but in the right situation, can become an invaluable service. If you are in Mexico with valuable property, Mexpro Assist is a smart investment that can help protect your assets while you travel. Contact today to find out how you can sign up and have instant access to Mexican legal advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.