Why buy Mexican Auto Insurance from Mexpro?

Mexpro is the leading provider of insurance coverage for driving your car into Mexico for visiting US and Canadian citizens. Some of the advantages of buying Mexican Auto insurance online today include:

Your Mexican Driving Insurance Policy Data is Immediately Available to Authorities In Mexico

Many consumers believe that they can save a few dollars when they purchase manual, handwritten mexican insurance policies at the border. This may be the case; however when you purchase your mexican auto insurance online with Mexpro.com, your policy information is immediately available to the authorities in Mexico. In the event you are involved in an auto accident, your insurance claim may be handled much more efficiently and you will spend less time dealing with the Mexican authorities.

Affordable and Convenient Insurance in Mexico

Our system is very simple to use. Our operation has issued hundreds of thousands of Mexican auto insurance policies since the inception of our program that allows you to buy Mexican insurance online. Our customers and agents enjoy the ease of use, time savings and quality auto insurance coverage for your car that we provide for Mexico.

Consumers and agents can also re-print and renew affordable insurance policies for travel in Mexico from anywhere, online 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Company Stability

Auto Insurance Coverage

Affordable Mexican Insurance

We continually strive to offer not only the broadest available Mexico insurance coverage at the lowest prices, but also new products. Supplemental Mexico travel health insurance is another of our offerings.

Claim Services

Our carriers all allow for your vehicle to be repaired or replaced in the US. While it is imperative that your initial claim be made prior to leaving Mexico, we offer US-style follow-up auto servicing via toll free numbers and communication once you return to your home in the US or Canada. Specific instructions for each of our Partners - who are top Mexico auto insurance companies - are available by clicking on the following links:


All transactions are encrypted and your credit card data is held strictly confidential. You can read more about it on our Mexico insurance privacy policy.