Vehicle Insurance for Mexico

Mexpro is a leader in the Mexican auto insurance market, providing Mexico car insurance since 1999 for United States and Canadian citizens who are either Mexican residents or tourists. If you plan on crossing the U.S. border and driving your vehicle into Mexico, you must have Mexican domiciled Car Insurance. United States and Canadian insurance policies are invalid in Mexico. Having Mexican insurance is the only safe way to protect against physical damage, theft, liability, and loss of vehicle to the Mexican authorities in case of an accident or other possible complications due to a lack of Mexican car insurance.

There are less than 20 insurance companies in all of Mexico who offer Tourist Mexican auto insurance coverage. When buying your coverage from Mexico Insurers, it is important that you check the specific A.M. Best rating for that insurer. Mexpro represents the finest in Mexico insurance with outstanding A.M. Best rating. Some large Mexico Insurance Providers, or their parent company (if any) have not been rated by the A.M. Best Company. You should never buy your coverage from unrated insurers in the U.S.-let alone Mexico! Each insurance company we insure your vehicle with in Mexico, or their parent company, carries an "Excellent" or "Good" rating from A.M. Best. See Mexico Tourist Auto Insurer Rankings.

Baby boomers, snowbirds, vacationers, and Hispanics who drive across the border to visit Mexico make up a large percentage of our customer base, and they benefit from the protection of our Mexican insurance while in the country. This not only provides our clients with great Mexico car insurance and peace of mind, it satisfies the legal requirements of residents and visitors to Mexico.

The Mexico Insurance Professionals represent the finest Mexico insurance companies. If you are driving your vehicle to Mexico, look online at what our insurance policies offer:

  • The Best Mexico vehicle insurance coverage available in the marketplace, and online for ease and convenience.
  • GMAC Finance and other Lender approved policies
  • Low priced car insurance policies available for your vehicle in Mexico
  • Representation by the most financially secure Mexico auto insurance companies in the market. Each insurance company we insure your vehicle with in Mexico, or their parent company, carries an "Excellent" or "Good" rating from A.M. Best.

If you are driving to Mexico, get an instant vehicle insurance quote online now with the option to include special optional endorsements. When purchased, these endorsements provide you with an insurance coverage package not available from any other Mexico car insurance provider. Call us today at +1-855-639-7761. Our agents will be glad to assist you in finding the right Mexico auto insurance and overall Mexico insurance for you and your family, to help make your next trip to Mexico the best ever.

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