Insurance for Condominiums and Townhomes in Mexico

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Insuring your Condo or Townhome

To obtain a quote for your condo or townhome, you will need to fill out the insured contact information section of our Mexico Home Owners quote form. Next, under the Property Details section, the first field will request the 'Property type'. Click the dropdown arrow and choose "Condo/Townhome."

Mexico Condo/Townhome Coverage

Mexpro's condo/townhome policy offers great coverage for the contents in your home. Plus, you can elect up to $2,000,000 USD for liability coverage. We recommend at least $25,000 USD building coverage for a modestly built condominium in Mexico. Building, a.k.a. dwelling, coverage on a condo/townhome policy covers the interior walls, alterations, and fixtures. This can include: cabinets, countertops, floor coverings, bathroom fixtures, hot water heaters, etc.

Similar to the US and Canada, your condo association's bylaws and/or community covenants will help you determine how your unit should be insured by taking into consideration the insurance coverage carried by the Association. Most condo associations have a commercial insurance 'master policy,' and this generally covers the exterior shell of the building, and common areas, but not the interiors. It’s also a good idea to review and understand this policy while you’re determining which portion of the dwelling you need to insure.

Do you rent out your condo to others? Our policy covers rental liability and loss of rents, not only for dwellings with annual lease agreements, but also for short term vacation rentals.

Contents Only Coverage

Contents only policies are designed for renters, who have no financial interest in the rental units they occupy, but who need coverage for their personal belongings.

In rare instances, for example, if the condo association's master policy sufficiently covers your unit's interior structural items-you may want contents only coverage.

If you need coverage for the contents only, Mexpro has a competitive All Risk Coverage for your contents, including replacement cost for theft.

Personal Property Coverage

Personal property coverage includes furnishings, appliances, electronic equipment and other contents.

GNP has 'sub-limits' on personal property, which state the maximum dollar amount the insurer pays for certain items. If the value of these items is higher than the sub-limit, you may wish to add an endorsement to the policy, to purchase additional coverage. This typically requires itemizing with purchase receipts or appraisals. Expensive jewelry and artwork are examples of items where an endorsement is requested.

Minimum Deductibles

The minimum allowable deductibles for condominiums and townhomes are $500 USD for dwelling (building) and $1000 USD for glass coverage.

Provided By

One of Mexico's top insurers, Grupo Nacional Provincial has a long history of comprehensive, affordable coverage and prompt claims settlements. This product is only available through Mexpro.


Report your claim if you have a loss to your property which exceeds your deductible by calling our toll free number 800-400-9000, or from the U.S./Canada you can call 011-52-555-227-9000. Follow the instructions provided in your terms and conditions.