Frequently Asked Questions: Driving in Mexico

Our mission is to provide to you the best Mexican auto insurance coverage available at reasonable prices, and to also offer the best service and systems to you for your insurance related needs before, during, and ESPECIALLY after--in the event you have an accident.

When it comes to general information regarding travel to and driving in Mexico, there are many related websites that specialize in general information about Mexico Resources. For answers to your questions regarding Travel to Mexico and Driving in Mexico, an excellent place to start is the Mexico Secretary of Tourism Website at Their toll free information center can be reached at 1-800-44-MEXIC.

Read our Before you go page to get an exhaustive list of information regarding border crossing and driving to Mexico.

For specific Vehicle Import Requirements, if you are traveling beyond the free zone, and to organize this paperwork before your trip, please visit You may also want to check out Mexpro's Vehicle Import FAQs.

For a detailed list of other Mexico Travel related links, including maps and weather, visit Mexpro's resources page.