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ACE SegurosWhen added to your ACE Seguros Mexico tourist auto policy as indicated in the space provided on the face page of your policy, and upon payment of the corresponding premium, this endorsement modifies and broadens coverage for damage and repair to the Insured Vehicle, Third Party Liability, Legal Assistance Medical Expense coverage, and injuries to occupants of your vehicle caused by an at-fault Uninsured Driver, to include the following Covered Losses and Limits of Coverage

  1. Partial Theft - Total theft coverage is broadened to include payment only for theft of parts and accessories that are permanently attached to the insured vehicle, excluding video and sound reproduction and recording equipment such as but not limited to DVD Players AM/FM radios, Cassette and CD players/recorders, and CB, UHF, and VHF radios. Personal property or objects contained in the vehicle are expressly excluded. The deductible for partial theft is the same as the deductible amount for total theft as noted in item 3 below.

  2. Vandalism - Vandalism, meaning willful and malicious damage to or destruction of the insured vehicle, is covered by this broadening endorsement. The deductible for vandalism is the same as the deductible amount for total theft, as noted in item 3 below.

  3. Deductibles - The deductibles for collision and total theft are fixed at $500.00 for collision and $1000.00 for total theft.

  4. Increased Cost of Repair - The repairing costs of the insured vehicle will be calculated based on Mexican Labor Rates. However, the Insured, with prior agreement of The Company, may proceed to repair his vehicle at any shop in Canada or the United States. The maximum hourly labor rates to be indemnified will be according to amounts shown per type of vehicle shown below. Currency is in US dollars.

    Cars $50 Per Hour
    Pickups / SUV $70 Per Hour
    Motor Homes $75 Per Hour
    All Other Vehicles (Boats, Trailers, etc.) $75 Per Hour

    The Insured Vehicle will be considered a total loss at the option of The Company.

    The deductible applicable to repairs under this clause are the same as the deductible amounts shown on the face page of your policy.

  5. Civil Liability for Property Damage and for Bodily Injury to Third Parties - The Combined Single Limit for Property Damage Liability/Bodily Injury Liability limit included is US $300,000.

  6. Medical Expenses for Occupants of the Insured Vehicle - The limit for Medical Expenses is increased to US $10,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. In the insured is injured by an uninsured third party then Medical expenses will be increased to $15,000 per person and $45,000 per accident. Medical Payments coverage is excluded for motorcycles and ATVs, thus this Clause does NOT apply to Motorcycles or ATVs.

Policy Terms and Conditions:
As always, review the Terms & Conditions of your policy before purchasing.