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Insured Property Details

Please tell us about your property in Mexico. If you have a condo, we recommend no less than $25,000 in building coverage to cover property not covered by the condo association which may include fixtures, floor coverings, alterations, and other real property.

$0,000 USD

Exterior Asset Exclusions

The following exterior assets are not covered under this program for hydro meteorological risks, including: mud avalanche, hail, frost, hurricane, flood, flood due to rain, tidal wave, snowfall, and windstorm.

Please note:  Theft coverage is excluded for any items that are left outside in the open air.
Also note:     Coverage for theft of solar panels is excluded from this program.

Requests for exceptions to program rules may be submitted through a manual underwriting process that must be completed outside of this policy application system.  Special underwriting requests require submission of the following:

        1.  Recent photographs of the assets
        2.  A written request that includes the requester signature and explains why the exception should be considered
        3.  Any supporting documentation, such as: appraisals, receipts, work orders, estimates, etc.

If you wish to make a submission to the program insurance underwriters, please select an item from the list of exterior assets below, and email the required photos, signed letter, and documents to:

Please note that the policy still includes other exterior asset coverage items, such as: Civil Liability coverage and Basic coverage. Also, Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption coverage is available.

If you do not wish to make any special underwriting requests at this time, please skip the boxes below and click on the "Continue" button.