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Life insurance is important because it protects those you love. How? Have you ever considered what would happen if you died? How would your family pay the bills? We are not just talking about the bills associated with your funeral, although let's be real, there is nothing worse than going to a funeral of a family member and getting hit up for the funeral costs. But what about the on-going bills? What about any debt that you have. Just because you die, doesn't mean your debt disappears, collectors are ruthless and will go after those that you love. Life insurance can help with all these costs.

Family Viva LifeUnfortunately when it comes to life insurance, insurance companies have failed to create a product that works for the Hispanic community, until now. Viva Life insurance policy is designed to be easy to get and protect your family's future. There are different kinds of life insurance and sometimes it gets complicated...super complicated. Let's uncomplicate things here, Viva Life insurance policy is a term life insurance policy, meaning you pay one rate for the duration of the term. In this case we are looking at a 20-year term. So if you die in those 20 years the company will pay the life insurance benefit. Once the benefit has been paid, that's it, the policy ends and there are no more payments, and no more benefit.

So how much life insurance can you get with Viva Life? You have three options:

Plan A - $25,000

Plan B - $50,000

Plan C - $100,000

Now, here's the kicker, if you are living at the end of the 20 Year term, all the premiums you have paid will be refunded to you. That's it. Pretty simple! If you die your heir(s) will get the benefit, if you don't then you get the entire premium paid back to you. That's not bad.

Most experts recommend you have at least 10X your income in Life insurance to truly protect your family...but in this case something is better than nothing.

It must be complicated to get right? Doctor's appointments, and all kinds of things, right? WRONG! A Viva life policy can be purchased in three easy steps online. There will some questions about you, you will get a quote, there will be four health related questions, and you can apply and purchase right online. SIMPLE!

Oh yeah, you don't need a social security number with the product. Yes this policy unlike nearly every other life insurance policy in the world will accept ITIN. Unbelievable, a life insurance company that gets it!

It's important to get, it's easy to purchase, it's Viva Life. Get a quote online right now!

Viva Life is a part of the Family Life Insurance Company.

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Written By , Chief Revenue Officer