Yucatan Maya Museum: The Gran Museo del Mundo Maya in Mérida

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Mayan HeadYucatan Maya Museum -- Whether or not you believe that something very special/awful/whatever is due to happen when the Maya Great Calendar Cycle ends on 21 December 2012, for the Yucatán’s capital of Mérida it will have one lasting presence: a brand new and very state of the art museum, the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya. Pushed through by the previous state administration, it was theoretically opened in September, so that former Governor Ivonne Ortega could cut the ribbon just before she left office, but had to be closed again because it wasn’t ready. It had a second opening last weekend, in time for the ‘Festival of Maya Culture’ launched by the Yucatán government as their part in the international fascination with 2012.

Mérida’s older museums have typically been in gracious 19th-century mansions, but the new Gran Museo is a radical departure with emphatically of-the-moment architecture by the local Archidecture design practice headed by Ricardo Combaluzier, William Ramírez and Josefina Rivas.

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