Women Who Dominated Yucatan’s History: La Peregrina

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Pontevedra - 1993 - Festas da Peregrina (Fiestas de la Peregrina) - autor David Campos Dos Santos - cartelBy Sylvia Ponce de Leon

Very few women dominate Yucatan’s history, two of the most prominent include La Virgen de Guadalupe and “La Peregrina” Alma M. Reed. Although the Virgin was not a living person –rather an apparition that has lived since 1541—she lives today as an image, icon, and deeply meaningful apparition to both the Mexican and Maya cultures.

Alma M. Reed appears in a time in the history of Yucatan, Mexico City, and the USA that is critical during the early 1900’s. For Yucatan, Alma Reed visited at one of its most pivotal moments in recent history. The USA from 1910 to 1960 were in the clutches of the Great Depression. These were the same years that Yucatan was being discovered by Harvard and other high-class Universities, these schools sponsored individuals like Stephen’s and Catherwood to tour the ancient Maya Pyramids and provide the most detailed information they could during their visit. These works had spread to fame by the time Alma showed up to Yucatan. She knew their works and in some areas walked their same paths through the jungles. However this is where Catherwood and Alma’s similarities part ways.

Most know or have heard the tragic romance of La Peregrina, Alma M. Reed and Governor Felipe Carrillo Puerto. However the story of her true life in Yucatan, the people she was closest to and their direct descendants, own many more details than what is produced and available online in English.

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