Why Purchase Mexico Hurricane Coverage Now?

It's best to purchase Mexico hurricane coverage well before storms start to brew.

Meteorologists are anticipating this hurricane season could end up being a big one.

Based on what may be in store, now is the time to start making preparations to protect your property in Mexico. Keep in mind that common practice for Mexico home insurance companies is to require mandatory waiting periods for hydrometeorological coverage. The waiting period for Mexpro's Mexico homeowners insurance is 10 days, which can prevent securing hurricane coverage at the last minute, when a storm is about to make landfall.

If you already have Mexico homeowner's insurance, but for some reason decided not to purchase hydrometeorological coverage, you may still have the option to add the coverage to your policy. You'll want to contact your agent to see if you qualify, and you'll still have to undergo the full mandatory waiting period, starting at day one.

If your home or condo in Mexico is currently uninsured; it really doesn't make sense to put off purchasing a policy till later. You can easily get an online quote through Mexpro and obtain coverage now.

If you have questions about covering your Mexico home or condo, or if you'd like assistance setting up a policy, please contact our team of licensed, knowledgeable, helpful agents. You may also call us toll free at (855) 639-7761.