What to do in Rocky Point

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In doing a little research of my own for "What to do in Rocky Point" for the holidays I found some great adventures and thought I'd share, for those of you going to Arizona's Beach for the holidays...

For the Family

Girl picking up shells

CEDO Tours
A natural history museum also serves as a field station for researchers. Participate in classes at the education center that includes a library and laboratories. A giant fin whale skeleton is one of the featured and most sought after exhibits. Book store and gift shop. Free public tours available: Tuesdays at 2PM and Saturday at 4PM.

Located in Las Conchas at the whale skeleton.
Tel: 011-52-638-382-0113
Website: www.cedointercultural.org
Email: cedointercultural@prodigy.net.mx

Sunset Cruises
Rocky Point is well known for the variety of Sunset Cruises available. Take a Pirate Cruise with Capt. Tony on the Rey Del Mar or go on one of the original charters offered in Penasco, the Intrepid. Contact Patti at the Sun n' Fun Dive Shop.

Oyster Farms
Rocky Point has several fresh Oyster Farms. If you are an oyster lover or just want to share with the kids take a drive to the Oyster Farms just outside of Las Conchas.

Tidal Pool Explorations
This is a great, fun way to teach the kids about sea creatures. Some of the best places to find tidal pools are in front of the Granada Del Mar Hotel (also the Pitahaya Bar), in front of Manny's Beach Club, and over by the Reef Club and RV Park. They also offer Tide Pool Exploration at CEDO in Las Conchas.

Website: www.cedointercultural.org

Rocky Point has many places to snorkel, which is a great family experience. Recommended Snorkeling Locations: The Reef Club and RV Park, Manny's Beach and Pitahaya Bar, Tucson Beach in Cholla Bay, and at the base of the Vina Del Mar hotel during high tide.

Mexico FishFishing Charters
Fish the Sea of Cortez by hiring a fishing charter. This is a very popular Rocky Point activity and caters to the novice to expert fisher-person. Prices vary according to the amount of time on the charter. Contact Patti, a local expert who has lived in Rocky Point for about 15 years.

Mini Golf at Casa Blanca
Family fun can always be had with a nice game of mini golf. Casa Blanca Golf Villas has a great mini golf park for you and the kids. Call 602-404-2982 for more information.

For the Adventurous

Riding atv on Sand DuneOff Road Adventures
There are many opportunities to off-road on ATV's or dune buggies. It is illegal to ride vehicles on the beach, you can do it inland in many areas, especially behind Sandy Beach. ATV rentals are available, so make sure you inquire "where in town you can ride them", and the rules that apply to street driving. Please, WEAR A HELMET! It really does save lives.

Kite Surfing
Various levels of lessons from beginner to advanced are offered through Rocky Point Kite Surfing. Cost depends on type of lesson. All equipment provided. Bob, Amanda, Omar, and the entire staff welcome you.

Tel. 602.820.8147
Website: www.rockypointkitesurfing.com
Email: rockypointkitesurfing@yahoo.com

Take in all of Rocky Point's beauty from up to 800 feet in the air with a parasailing adventure. Rides vary in price and times.

Santiago's Ocean Services
Website: www.santiagosoceanservices.com

Scuba Diving
Get to know the lovely Sea of Cortez and take a tour to the famous Bird Island where you can see large sea lions, octopus, rock fish, eel, and much more. Call 602.404.2982 for details.

Ocean SunsetSea Kayaking
Another way to enjoy the beautiful Sea of Cortez. Those who kayak in the early morning are likely to see Dolphins, which are a common site in Rocky Point. Bring your water camera just in case.

Wow! There's so much to do in Rocky Point, I don't know when I'll have the time to just lounge on the beach.