What Options You Want On Your RV Insurance Policy

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By Rachael Galiano on RVInsurancePro.com
Account Representative, International Insurance Group, Inc.

The freedom of hitting the road in your RV is a dream for many, and a reality for millions of retirees. However, if you are not purchasing the proper insurance you may have dangerous gaps in your coverage.

At RV Insurance Professionals, coverage options are offered that are generally not available on a standard auto policy. The following are descriptions of our specialty coverage:

Vacation Liability: Provides general liability coverage while the RV is used as a vacation residence. This coverage will follow you on your travels, from one campsite to the next RV lot. It will also cover the perimeter of your campsite to protect you against any kind of incident you may be legally responsible for. If you are a Full-Timer, we would replace this Vacation Liability with Full-Timer Liability.

Emergency Expense: Pays for temporary living facilities, transportation, and cost of returning the RV in the event of covered loss more than 50 miles from home.

Diminishing (or Disappearing) Deductible: By adding this optional coverage, your deductible is reduced by 25% following each claim-free policy term.

Replacement Cost for Personal Effects: This is an optional coverage that replaces the personal contents inside your RV that are ruined during a covered loss or stolen during a break-in. This would cover anything from pots and pans, clothing, bedding and lawn furniture to more expensive items like jewelry and electronics.

Extended Utility Trailer Coverage: This option will cover your utility trailer that is being pulled behind your RV. Every RV policy automatically provides $2500 worth of coverage, but we can also increase that coverage to insure more expensive trailers.

Golf Cart Coverage: You can add coverage to your RV policy to protect your golf cart that is not licensed for street use, but rather used in parks or campsites.

Windshield Replacement Coverage: Most RV owners know the high expense of replacing their motor home windshield. By adding this optional coverage, your glass will be protected with a low deductible. (Offered in most states.)

Mexico Physical Damage Coverage: This options extends comprehensive and collision coverage into Mexico. The Mexican Liability portion is sold separately, but is also available through our agency.

With over 8 million RVs on the road today, there is no reason to purchase substandard insurance that will not cover you properly in the event of a loss. Call the RV Insurance Professionals today at 877-784-6787 and speak with one of our knowledgeable agents on the best coverage options for you!