What Are the Travel Requirements to Mexico?

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US PassportThe holidays are gone for another year, but winter and the cold is here for a while longer. If you need something pleasant to think about to help keep you warm during the long winter nights, why not plan a short visit to the United States’ southern neighbor, Mexico? It’s close, it’s relatively inexpensive and depending on how far south you go, it’s warm! Combine the three and you have the perfect destination for a person on a lone adventure or a family looking for somewhere and something a little different than the ordinary. Though travel to Mexico is convenient and easy for Americans, there are a few travel requirements to Mexico that you should be aware of to make your entry into Mexico and return the the U.S. as smooth as possible.

Let’s start with the simple day trip. More than 1/3 of the U.S. population lives within an eight-hour drive of Mexico. Whether you head to the border of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona or California, there are some important travel requirements to consider when entering Mexico.

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