WARNING about the Waves

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So we scared ourselves yesterday. Mother Ocean here can be extremely rough here. The day before had been so different. We'd had the GREATEST time. I had wandered along the beach while my daughter had swam at the beach edge...parallel. It's so strange now that I think about the whole thing.

Originally we were just going for a walk, but she was begging me to swim. We'd already been in earlier at a Ohm Playa and had a lot of fun. We'd come home, showered, got dry clothes and ate. All I wanted to was walk the whole beach as we had not done that since we arrived.

Anyways she was begging me and I so I let her wade along, but Mother Ocean kept coming up and kissing our toes, ankles, knees and then eventually Angel was getting soaked so then I just let her go in. So as I said she was swimming parallel to the shore and having the most fabulous time. I could see how far out she was the entire time and would call her in if I saw big waves or if she was getting a little deep, but she was never very far out.

Today was a different story. I decided to go with her. But we stopped at one point and played a bunch and it was fine as it was super shallow ....a bit too shallow I thought and I was getting a little scraped up on the sand as the bigger waves came in so I said "Let's go farther down"...

As we got farther down where I thought would be good I realized we'd be pulled into the rocks so I said "Let's go a little farther down"

So while I was putting my glasses in a safe place Angel went in and right away got spooked by something and came right out...I guess that should have been a warning!

She wanted to show it to me,...some strange sea creature...I said it was probably a crab.(Thinking about it now our guardian angels must have been trying to warn me but I wasn't listening.
Note to self: PAY ATTENTION!!)

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