Viva la Fiesta en Baja! - Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride this Weekend!

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The Rosarito Ensenada ride began in 1979. It is an award-winning 50 mile bicycle ride along the Pacific Coast and inland through rural countryside from Rosarito Beach to Ensenada, plus a Finish Line Fiesta on the Ensenada waterfront with food, drinks and live music until sunset.

Time Limit to Finish
Avid cyclists will finish in 2 hours. Casual cyclists average about 4 hours. You must complete the 50 mile course in less than 6.5 hours and by 4:30 pm and reach each Aid Station before its closing time:

Aid Station 1 at 16 Miles closes at 1 pm
Aid Station 2 at 27 Miles closes at 2:30 pm
Aid Station 3 at 42 Miles closes at 3:30 pm
50 Mile Mark Aid Station closes at 4:30 pm

Aid Stations provide free Powerade and Ciel purified water, clean restrooms, and bike repair. Food is not provided. Major medical support is provided throughout the course.

Course Record 1:52:54
The course record was established April 21, 2007 by Peter Andersen of San Diego with his teammates Karl Bordine, Chris Dimarchi, Matt Johnson and Nate Diebler.

The Rosarito Ensenada event course is rated "Moderately Difficult" by BRDAA, the Bike Ride Directors Association of America. Before participating you should be physically fit, you should have sufficiently trained for this event, and you should not have been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person. It's a fun ride, but it is not easy.

Traffic Control
The Federal Highway Patrol controls traffic, providing you with a non-stop fun ride. The first 40 miles of the course are closed to vehicles except local residents whose homes are blocked by the event. On the last 10 miles, where the old road rejoins the new highway, vehicles are restricted to the left lane and cyclists to the right lane. If the Highway Patrol and local police keep their promise, you should have very little traffic to deal with.

We try to make your ride traffic-free, but there will be some cars on the course. We do our best to eliminate vehicle traffic, but unfortunately some drivers do not respect the road closure. The Free Road is closed to all vehicles except local residents whose homes are blocked by the event course. Spectators are not allowed to drive on the Free Road during the event. Please do not drive on the event course from 10 am to 5 pm.

Course Description
The 50-mile course is entirely paved, heading south on the old Free Road from Rosarito Beach to the city of Ensenada.

For the first 22 miles, you`ll cruise beside the ocean, through charming beach towns and over rugged, undeveloped coastline. This first part of the course is mostly flat with some rolling hills. Aid Station 1 is along the way at 16 miles.

Then you'll turn inland, heading east for 2 miles through a wide river valley to the base of El Tigre. The Hill is a mesa that towers 800 feet above the valley floor. The climb is 2 miles long and a 7.5% grade. Shift into your lowest gear and you might be able to ride all the way to the top. If not, don't be too proud to walk it with everyone else. If you are not an advanced cyclist, this really is the perfect place to get off the saddle and walk, giving your legs a good stretch and mentally preparing for the second half of the ride.

Registration Check Point - Once atop the mesa, you`ll pass through a single-file chute for the Registration Check. Make sure that your ride number is visible and that your helmet sticker number is on the front of your helmet so it can be seen by event staff as you approach the check point. Riders who do not have a registration number on their bike and on their helmet must pay $50 to continue beyond this point.

After the check point you'll arrive at Aid Station 2, located at 27 miles.

Next, you`ll ride through 8 miles of rural countryside. The terrain is rolling hills with long flat stretches and is reminiscent of how California was a century ago with quaint ranches among meadows filled with wild mustard and sage.

Then hold on for an exhilarating 8 mile descent back down to the ocean. Have fun, but please stay in control. The south side of El Tigre is steep and corners can be dangerous if you don`t maintain a safe speed. Near the bottom of the hill you`ll find Aid Station 3 at 42 miles.

One mile after Aid Station 3, the old Free Road rejoins the Toll Road, where vehicles are restricted to the left lane and cyclists to the right lane for the rest of the course.

The last 10 miles are flat along the waterfront, with the official 50 Mile Mark just outside the city of Ensenada, north of the harbor. There is more water available at the 50 Mile Mark. Use the last mile or so into town to cool down and get ready to party at the Finish Line Fiesta.

Finish Line Fiesta
Party at the legendary Finish Line Fiesta with food from Ensenada's finest restaurants; Corona beer; sodas from Coca Cola; great prices on T-shirts, posters and other souvenirs; massages; clean restrooms; secure bike storage; and live rock-n-roll until sunset on Ensenada`s beautiful waterfront.

Meeting Places
The best place to meet friends or family at the Fiesta is the information booth by the main entrance.

12 noon to sunset

The Finish Line Fiesta is located at Plaza Ventana al Mar, on Boulevard Lazaro Cardenas, under the giant Mexican flag.

Elite Start
Our elite start is not a race - but it`s very fast! It separates the fastest riders from those less experienced, making the event safer for all riders. Elite riders are staged in a corral in front of the main field and begin at the same time as the main field.

Elite status is only for experienced riders and means you can and will average at least 17 mph over the course of the event, finishing in less than 3 hours.

The extra fee for Elite Status gets you a unique entry number, allowing you entry into the Elite Corral, and a better timing position for the gun start.

Finish Line Clock
The official time is available on the electronic clock at the finish line. We don`t record times of the elite riders.

Course Record 1:52:54
The course record was established April 21, 2007 by Peter Andersen of San Diego with his teammates Karl Bordine, Chris Dimarchi, Matt Johnson and Nate Diebler.

Bicycle Storage
Guarded, secure Bicycle Storage is available inside the Finish Line Fiesta. You can eat, drink and relax without worrying about your bike being stolen.

As you enter the Fiesta, take your bike and belongings to the Bicycle Storage area where you will receive a claim ticket. Your bike and belongings will be kept together and stored inside a fenced area that is staffed by event personnel and security guards.

$5 for the day

12pm to 7pm
Official Bicycle Storage is located inside the Finish Line Fiesta.

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