Virgin of Guadalupe: A Uniting Force in Mexico

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Virgin of GuadalupeToday, in honour of the Feast Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe I felt it was appropriate to start my Mexico Retold Saint’s Series, and obviously there is no better saint to start with than the Virgin of Guadalupe, the mother of Mexico.

A few weeks back I took a trip to “La Villa”, the site of the Basilica de Guadalupe built on the hill where the Virgin first showed herself to Juan Diego an Aztec peasant farmer, 481 years ago in 1531.

I had been to La Villa de Guadalupe before but this time the visit really impacted me. Walking towards the entrance, we watched a lady walk on her knees with her arms open, eyes raised to the sky, reciting prayers and giving thanks to Guadalupe. She looked elated and didn’t seem to notice the pain she must have been in. Inside, I watched whole families doing the same, asking for miracles to be granted or giving thanks for miracles received.

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