New Policy for Mexico Temporary Vehicle Import Permits-EFFECTIVE NOW

Posted June 21, 2011 by & filed under Border Crossing, Driving to Mexico, Legal, Vehicle Import Permit.

Effective June 11, 2011, Mexico has implemented a new policy for the issuance of temporary vehicle permits. The Changes are as follows: The fee for importation of a vehicle is $44.00 USD plus IVA; this fee is the same whether the permit is obtained at the border, consulates or online. A guarantee deposit for… Read more »

List of United States-Mexico Border Crossings

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You have packed up your car, bought your Mexican auto insurance online and now you are ready to head to Mexico for a much needed beach vacation. The one thing you’ve not planned is your route to Mexico. An important factor is where the border crossing is located. In this article we offer the locations… Read more »