Vandalism Coverage: Mexico Car Insurance Policy

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Categories: Auto Insurance

My smashed rear windowVandalism coverage, like partial theft, is not standard coverage on Mexico car insurance policies, like in the U.S. and Canada. Mexico car insurance policies, in general, only offer total theft coverage. Meaning your vehicle is covered if it is stolen. But, you are not covered in the event your car window is broken while in Mexico.  Any type of vandalism is not covered under the standard policy.

How do you solve this problem? Most Mexico car insurance companies offer vandalism on a full coverage policy or through an optional endorsement. The full coverage policy provides coverage for vandalism and is usually subject to a fixed deductible.

Please note that Vandalism/Partial Theft benefits are only available with Mexpro's full coverage policies and come with a $500 Fixed Deductible of $500.

Please also note that Partial Theft coverage does not cover personal items inside the vehicle. These items are covered under a renters or homeowners insurance policy.