Valentine's Day Recipes por Amor: Tomatillo Lamb Shanks

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tomatillosValentine's Day recipes -- Aarón Sánchez may have a number of distinctive tattoos and may occasionally indulge in a new-found love of motorcycles, but the Mexican American chef is anything but shy when it comes to putting his heart on display through food. And in no dish is his love – for food, family and good company – more evident than in this recipe for roasted lamb shanks.

“Flavor is how you make the most lasting impression,” writes Sánchez of his lamb shank recipe in his 2012 cookbook, “Simple Food, Big Flavor.” As for the appeal of serving lamb at the Valentine’s Day table, Sánchez assures home cooks that “your guests will never forget these.”

Lamb is a traditional staple in Latin America, thanks in part to British colonialists who brought sheep and the tradition of wool production with them. And in Mexico, where Sánchez ‘s famous mother, Zarela Martinez, is from, lamb is a type of crowd-pleasing protein that immediately signals it’s time to party, just like goat or roast leg of pork.

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